Rollie Pollie: Your choice of soap

I use a little of both. I am one of those guys that likes some suds. IMO, suds lift and suspend the dirt particals. Plus, I like to see really well where I am squeegee-ing at. On the other hand, my guys on the WC’ing crews prefer to use only the GG4. They don’t like as much suds as I do. I care not- so long as the windows are clean.

I always keep a bottle of dish soap around. I have found that dish soap or ABC Glisten work well for suds.

I also am of the opinion that this is a preference for folks. But, depending on the water in your locale, some soaps will react differently than in other places. TDS will make the soaps perform differently. Maybe testing the water is the best way to help find your perfect solution.

I use sodiumhydrochlirdeoxyglistenmetomorpalinide

But I also know where to find it.

for the average crack head…I’d suggest dawn.

You said “Because WFP’s suck”?? You also said you use WFP’s.

Why do you use them… if they suck?? :confused:

Let me answer your questions first. No, WFP’s do not take off paint or shot gun fungus. They are a tool, like so many we have in our truck.

Do you use your squeegee to clean screens? Why Not?? Because they weren’t designed to be used for that. But we use squeegee’s for other things related to our business dont we. Would we use our 6 inch Triumph scraper to clean one of our customer’s mini blinds?? I dont think so, but we use scrapers daily dont we. A House framer would not use his skill saw to hammer in studs would he? No, he would use a hammer. But a skill saw is an important part of his tool arsenal isn’t it?

The point is, a WFP is an important investment in your Window Cleaning Company. Have you ever made $250+ dollars an hour on a consistent basis using a squeegee? Probably not, but everytime we take out our poles, we are at least hitting that figure and more often than not much higher. We use WFP each and every week.

Dont misinterpret my post as being argumentative, like I said the Point is that WFP’s are an important profit making center for any window cleaning business.

If you aren’t having good results, give me a call or email me and I’ll do what I can to help you out.

take it easy,


Is that like the old school TSP?

as of right now i only use my wfp on windows i cant reach with my ladders.

If the results are acceptable on those windows, why not expand your usage to other windows?

I love the results I get using GG4 but I couldn’t do [B]The Oompa Loompa[/B], not enough glide. I add a little Dawn to get a little extra slip. I put 1/4 ounce in the bottom of a 8 oz. floater bottle and add water. My 2 gallon bucket gets 1/4 ounce of that mixture, which is exactly 1/32 of a teaspoon. Just enough glide to get the job done fast. :cool:

because they are so so so results, i like perfect clean windows with no SPOTS…

Practice makes perfect. Remember when you first started cleaning windows you needed to work on your technique to leave the windows streak free?! Same principle.

i dont care what you all say, i have been using a wfp for 2 years now, i dont care how much you scrub or rinse, you will get some sort of spotting on non maint. cleans esp. residential. in my area anyways.

Tony i will pay for your airfare and you can use my wfp setup on a job of mine. and if you get any spots on any of the windows you have to treat me to the iwca convention, sound fair?

It sounds intriguing Dougg. Wouldn’t it be simpler to have a local guy do it for you? I’m sure Troy Liposec or Craig Aldrich would be happy to stop by and get it set up for you. Or Don Chute on one of his window wagon tours. How’s that for convenient?!

I would want you to come down Tony, so you could broadcast it all over WCR.

Are you Game? I will book your Northwest Airlines/Delta Ticket right now.

btw, you can even crash at my pad.

I love GG4, but I have to add a little bit of dish soap. I hate doing it, but time is money and I can work faster with a more slip. :cool:

I use Glisten and like it. My only concern is that it doesnt look like Im using anything other than water. Would it look more professional to have some suds.

“Looking professional” encompasses so much more than suds.

But I’m not the expert Dougg. I’d rather see something done by Craig or Troy. Then you could give a report on the day’s activities. I could call and ask Craig of he’s available if you want?


Do you always get perfect results with no spotting?

Nope. I’ve had issues when wfp windows near an outdoor grill. I redid those few w/ a squeegee. But I did a house this fall for the very first time. It was caked in dirt and I just used a steel wool sleeve on a pole in conjunction w/ the wfp and the windows turned out perfect. The added benefit was the frames were a little moldy and after they were gleaming. If the job had a ton of silicone or was a CCU then I’d do it w/ mop and squeegee but I try to use the wfp on the bigger houses to save ladder sets. I did a house in Oct that I did last year w/ a 32ft ext ladder. It originally took me 5hrs on the outs. This year w/ the wfp pole it took 2 1/2 on the outs w/ spotless results.

Can’t really argue with that kind of experience :rolleyes:.