Roof window

Doing a residential job tomorrow morning. There is one area where py pole wont reach so I have to use a ladder. The gutters on the house come off the house about a foot and a half. Do I lean the ladder against the gutter or will that bend them? If not where else would I lean it to get on. If I leaned it against the house i dont think I would be able to climb around the gutters not sure though.

Don’t lean it on the gutter, bad idea. Can u post a pic?

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If you lean it against the gutter be sure to have one rail of the ladder leaning directly over the spike that holds the rail to the building. This is your support avoiding bending or crushing the gutter.

get some “stand-offs” for your ladder

Stand offs are the way to go.

[SIZE=3]This is the type of stand off we use.
Ladder - Max[/SIZE]

By “roof window” do you mean skylight?

This is the standoff I use also. It will last forever. Almost indestructable.

Looks like it would be kinda hard to get on the roof with these…is it?

I use Werner 97p

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Here’s what you need!

Werner Aluminum Extension Ladder Stabilizer
[SIZE=4]Item #: 95493 | Model #: AC78 [/SIZE]

15 reviews


I just mean a window that cant be reached by my pole. I will have to be on the roof to get at it. #badangles

How will this help me to get on the roof without leaning it against the gutter

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ac78 is the one that I use. Not the best one but it is easily removed after jobs and when you are working with two different sized ladders you can switch between the two without any tools

Also for added safety with the ladder rail closest to one of the spikes holding the gutter in place wrap a bungee cord around the ladder rail and around one spike to hold the ladder in place.

Thanks for the photo, don’t forget a pair of Extenda - Legs … comes in handy on steps and uneven ground.
We installed 'em on all our extension ladders and never looked back!!

Whats the name of this? where can I get one?

HomeDepot/Lowes Werner stabilizer @ $25 or so or a Werner quick clip/click stabilizer @ $45 or so (easy removal to other ladders)