Routes for sale

So I have been thinking about selling off our commercial routes in NJ. If anyone is interested please drop me a line.

Are you guys just going to be doing Residential Chris???

Possibly just that and I would keep our low / mid rise stuff.

Perhaps Larry can do the route for you whilst he’s being smoked out?

Yes Larry has an open invitation.

don’t you do this every year Chris?? What are you going to do in the winter?

Ha yeah I guess I do. But I finally have the routes in a good position to sell.

Have any in florida??? :slight_smile:

Anything close to Stroudsburg, PA?

Hey Dan actually yes… We have a phenomenal contract with 8 Mr Z s out that way.

Watching Star Trek now, but could you possibly list the locations?
Thank you.

Dan drop me a call Monday if you want to discuss.

Sounds good, Chris. Have a good wknd.

Does anyone have anything in Texas between Dallas and College Station along the I35 corridor?? How bout you, Chris?