Rubber cutter

Does anyone know of a supplier that sells rubber cutters?


Sörbo sells a Docket to sharpen and trim rubber for their squeegees:

I used to use sharp scissors but I found they chewed at the rubber too much.

I now use a new scraper blade to cut them.

Its just I heard remember somebody mentioned in another topic, the (Palmers?) Rubber Cutter as a really useful tool and and I’d not heard of it before.

I have one. it is a Palmer Squee “G” Quikut. I’ve had it for nearly 20 years. I believe I got it from catalog…they might not make it anymore…I’ll post a pic of mine if I can

Scissors pinch the rubber before it cuts and using a 1" scraper is tough to make a clean, square end cut. This tool is is quick and easy. it is also adjustable so you can determine how much the rubber extends past the channel

Do you cut starting at the blade edge of the rubber first or the base of the rubber?

I have anvil pruners in both rigs as well as the shop,i usually cut from the blade towards the base/spline,even with scissors(if that’s all i have)


You say “usually” – does that mean you sometimes cut from the base/spline toward the blade? If so (sometimes); why?

Allow me to elaborate:D with good cutters anvil or other types either way is ok (because your getting a precise cut but…“i prefer to cut blade to spline”,especially when having to use scissors because you run less risk of an uneven cut and i would rather have it on the spline as opposed to the blade;)

Attaboy, Craig!

I think the price is kinda high but they are “Specially made for cutting rubber”

They are high & if you got the $duckets$ to blow go for it!Otherwise go to a local hardware ctr,etc and get some garden style “anvil pruners” i just picked up a cheap pair for 5.00 bucks;) these here are alittle better but more$ but there the type i talk about.

I didn’t buy them. I’m trying to MAKE money.