Rubber Review Unger VS Ettore Tool Talk with Mark the Window Cleaner



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Your video gives me pause. I have been using Unger mostly for the last year or so, I think I’ll buy ettore and see if it works better for me. I have been annoyed when I can’t get all the water of the signs, so I hope ettore is able to help leave less water behind.

Great video, you’re really good at not being biased. or when having a bias, being as fair as possible.


That was very interesting…thanks Mark

I’ve noticed the corners burning out quickly with Unger rubber for a while now. It’s the first thing that I wanted to compare with the ettore rubber.

I’m currently running Pulex soft rubber through the same testing.

Remember guys, this is all from my experience and with that, my technique may affect the outcome as well. If anyone has any alternate experiences with these rubbers and their lasting ability, please share.

Unger and Ettore rubber both SUCK!
Try wagtail rubber…what a dream :slight_smile:
Also, good solution mix helps keep a good glide thus causing your rubber to last longer.

Pulex hard is great as well

The original red wagtail rubber that came with my flipper was very good. I’ll be looking at stocking up on this brand.

I’ve heard/read may times that soft rubber is better in colder climates. I know that wagtail rubber is pretty hard & I ran with it for a couple of days in the summer and it seemed pretty good.

Ye think of it this way:

Hot weather=HARD RUBBER…Exists to be hard so it won’t melt or warp in hot weather.


Colder weather=SOFT RUBBER…should be soft so as in the cold weather it does not grow too ridgid and maintains its suppleness.

Thats my understanding anyway.

What do you think is the threshold of temerature where one should switch from soft to hard?

I wouldn’t know mike to be honest.

I have always used soft rubber…its usually chilly by most standards over here…

I am sure threshold differs according to different rubber manufacturers specifications.

you are in canada right?..thats quite cold for the most part then?

ok…I live in Florida, one of the most humid states in US of A.
My rubber has actually melted a bunch of times…not like melted wax, but the ends and edges splitting with tiny cracks and so on.

I used Unger and Ettore. They sucked for me compared to wagtail and pulex hard.
I really don’t know what would happen if you used hard rubber in cold climate, but I don’t think the effect would be dramatically different…

Bottom line for me, wagtail…but I’m finishing a huge load of the hard pulex before I switch for the second time. Before the Pulex Hard I was all wagtail.
Unfortunately Wagtail rubber comes in only 10ft roles :frowning:
I wish they #1. sold them specific sizes, or #2 sold a 50ft role.

Oh…good review marky-mark

Well, Canada is a huge country (2nd biggest in world), and the climate varies. However, in most places summer can be quite mild, or even hot.

In Toronto, in most summers except for the last two. The weather on some days can quite mild, on the average the high is about 27 degrees celscius but some days it can go up to 31 32 degrees celcius with 40 degree humidity.

America translation:

…but some days it can go up to 89, 90 degrees Fahrenheit with 104°F degree humidity.

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thanks Mark. I’m a young guy, who thinks in metric. :slight_smile:

yeah I think in aahhhhh…american

I thought humidity was the measure of water content in the air. Why would there be a temperature conversion associated with that?

humidex…actually…a measure of what it feels like outside taking into account the humidity.

well imperial actually if you are refering to fahrenheit, miles and the such.

Has anybody had any experience with Steccone®?
A while ago, I got some steccone® channels and just started useing them about 2 weeks ago. I’ve noticed that (in my subjective experiences) the steccone® rubber leaves behind far less water in comparison to to the Ettore® when going over vinyl lettering. Sometimes its looks like I don’t even need to detail the lettering with my huck. I live in a moderate climate.

My wife has used both Unger and Ettore rubber and she overwhelmingly prefers Ettore. I’d have to agree that the Ettore just seems to hold up better. I really appreciate your unbiased approach Mark! Keep up the good work.