With the price of oil dropping so much I figured rubber should get cheaper as well
If its not ok to link to another supplier then please remove this post
Anyone tried Windows101 rubber

Its completely cool to link to another supplier. All that we ever ask is you give us the opportunity to match and or beat there price.

So if you see something you like that you want us to match… just give Alex or I a call.

862 266 0677 main line
845 987 6915 my cell
973 634 8179 Alex cell

At this point we couldn’t come close to that price. All that I would recommend is you try a smaller quantity of it from them before you spring for a gross. Just so you can be sure its up to par quality wise.

Like most products – besides gasoline --I don’t think it works that way…

It sure seemed like it worked that way on the way up

Welcome to the wonderful world of capitalism.

Yeah, a lot of us raised our rates when the cost of fuel was shooting up, myself included. Now that gas is so cheap, are we lowering our rates? I know I’m not.

Capitalism: The uneven distribution of wealth.

Socialism: The even distribution of poverty.

Ahhhh Grasshopper. One only knows they are living in poverty if there are capitalist there to point it out.

Just sayin, :wink: