its getting close to fall and winter. and am new to window cleaning. and i need help with the rubber. what is the best soft rubber in your experience. for the cold weather. so when your rubber ends round you can cut them down for your smaller channels i get that. but how long does the rubber last.

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It all depends on the use.

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Rubber can last a week, to ten minutes… All depends on what you’re using it for and what obstacles you encounter on the glass along the way.

I personally use Ettore rubber and Baron rubber for my wide body sorbo-like channels.

I’ve tried Unger soft and hard, they were good just didn’t last as long as my Ettore rubber.

Facelift is good, bought a couple 36" of those and I’m a fan of the durability.

Wagtail rubber was good in my wagtails, lasts long and has great results.

It’s a trial and error personal preference thing. Some say soft is good in the winter temps, I use Ettore hard year round with great results.

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Yup, i used ettore all year. -16 one year…

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Ettore is simply the best there is. I also use some Sorbo wide body channels with Sorbo rubber. I bought a gross of 18" and 22" Sorbo rubber years ago so I will be using it up for many years to come.


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Unger hard in the summer, Ettore in the winter for me

I do ettore all year long. But in the winter time, I’m careful to use the dextral side of the rubber. In the summer it doesn’t matter, but I prefer the sinistral side.

Thanks Jared you made me use google word search “Definition”!