Just wanted to get your attention… :slight_smile:

When I met up with Mark at the Squeegees . net place I bought a package of Ettore rubbers to replace the Pulex ones that I had been using. What a difference. Simple change big difference.

Thanks for the suggestion of those blades, Eric.

Just thought I would share.

I must say… I was given a stack of Pulex rubbers at the trade show. I can’t believe anyone could make it past the first one! I would have thought that it would be impossible to create a rubber that sticks to glass AND leaves behind so much water. I hate to say that they were worth SO much more in the trash can than in my truck. A shame too, because Pulex makes some really nice products. (BOAB’s, Microfiber strip washers, etc)

I’m using up my Pulex rubber 6 inches at a time with my detailing squeegees…

I prefer Unger and Ettore.

found a good way to use the Pulex today. I was using my shop vac, the cheap flimsy rubber broke, so I took the Pulex rubber, cut it to size tried it. It worked good, then I modified it to work better in the wand, by poking some holes in it so the wand plastic would grip it better.

It works great as a floor squeegee… LOL… I will keep them now, just for that purpose :smiley: