Running 2 poles at once

I want to run two poles off my Wash-It, and I’d like some advice on how to do this. We normally run the pump at the water source. Any changes to that when using 2 poles? Any other tips to make it work better?

What pump are you running? Have you experimented with how high you can reach with the pump or how much hose you can push water through and still have good pressure at the brush?

You could run two poles off the Wash-iT but its going to depend on the pump and how high you need to reach.

I’m using the Wayne Booster Utility Pump 100V. The building I’m looking at using two poles on is only two stories. Using one pole, even at three stories, this pump really shoots out the water. I have not experimented with how high I can use it, but we have maxed out the reach of the Gardner 48 foot pole and still had very strong pressure at the top using the pump.

You should be just fine with that pump operating two poles at 2 stories. Won’t be an issue.

Good luck on the project.