Rust Stains on Glass

Just finished up a CCU today and have been saving up the “best” for last. The builder took 3 years to complete this construction and meanwhile the flashing been dripping rust onto the skylight during that whole time, made a nice rust drip mark for me to remove… I did remove on one side successfully with just a scraper but the other side was worse and the faint outlines of the stain persist after 3 sessions of rewetting the glass with extra soapy water and scraping, yes turning around the blade to a fresh cutting edge.

Anyone remove rust stains from glass before? I left my CLR at home this morning but was planning to bring it and work it with a white scrub pad. Why oh why did I forget it at home?? Ah yes, Saturday morning anyone?

Rustaid. Dilute, shoot, done deal…well, then clean.

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Ok thanks for the solution bro. Interesting, a Goof Off product…

It has ben my understanding to only use one side of a blade, then replace. You flip to the other side of the same blade?

If I’m doing a lot of scraping the same day … Absolutely. If the blade has been in my scraper a while an got rusted out then ya I toss it

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I flip the blade if it hasn’t been sitting in there too long gathering rust. In this case it was a same day flip.

Good point.

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I have a money-saving habit of taking out the blade at days end, drying it off and putting it away and drying off the scraper nicely. However, on tired days this gets missed and the blade rusts. I guess the blades are just not worth it to always save for the next time… kind of like sticking gum behind one’s ear to save for later maybe?

Let’s see… I can get a 10-pack of Ettore 4" Scrapemaster blades for $7.50. That’s 75 cents per blade and 38 cents per side…

Definitely not worth it.

My main business is pressure washing and I have 3 things I use for rust. You can google them and get plenty of info. I don’t know how they would work on glass.
1 - F9 Barc
2 - oxalic acid
3 - concrete rust remover (from The Rust Store - 877-256-9301)
Hope this helps.
Robbie Miller

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Thanks man. Much appreciated.

You can also use the stainless blades that don’t rust , but I do use the carbon blades a lot …

Btw F9 bark works really well I used it here an by the time I walked around the other side of the house it was gone

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Do you upsell the customer a solution such as fixing that gutter or just keep going back?

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OK now I am really going to get some of that F9 stuff. Thanks for posting that!

Yes that is a good idea, but the drip is coming from a seam in the metal flashing lip of flat roof. I do gutter repair but flashing never fixed one in 19 years. Plus this is a CCU for a developer who is in process of unloading the property to new buyer.