Ryobi is going to put us out of business

Anybody seen this ad for Ryobi’s answer to the person who has a gadget for that. After spending 5 minutes on each window that is hilarious!

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karcher has had those out for years, i have 2.

Really? Why? Curious

why do i have them? i have lots of stuff, that’s how i find out what works for what. i wanted something for high inside windows that would not leave puddles at the bottom. i also have used them for working oevr my head on horizontal (ceiling) glass no drips.
want to impress a customer? ask them if they want to see the water coming off their glass then dump the vac in their sink. their jaw will hit the floor.


:joy: I thought you were going to show the customer and drink the water​:laughing: I could see your point. Cool

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I want to see it in action on a 15’ pole for a 2.5 story A frame window overlook…

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it’s awkward on a pole, does not handle steep corner angles or close out well in that situation.

i switched to moerman ex2 liq 2 and fliq last year and it handles that stuff beautifully.

karcher spends most of it’s life in the obsolete bin with ettore, unger, wagtail stuff,


Amen to to the obsolete bin, mine has the same items (-) the karcher

It’s the same as the crap people buy for general cleaning and cooking. Thousands of bottles of god-knows-what under the sink and infinite cooking tools. Tools are easy to buy but tacit knowledge is difficult to transmit, value and understand.

I should probably go on a basic cooking course to level up.

That’s a good example: Cooking tools. I know some cooking tools have been really more of a disposable item, use one and toss, which I despise. My Klein BBQ tools have lasted 20 years!

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