Safety film

Hi there
went to get an estimate this morning to clean windows in a corner office in a office complex. This particular one is being remodeled so they need In and Out.
Quoted $269 for 14 wins + 1 door + 1 small transom. Outside, the lower 8 or 9 inches are affected for sprinkler heads, some calcium, but I’ve specified that my price was for cleaning and after that if they want to go to the next level (restoration) we can discuss it. BUT, inside, the guy told me that is a “safety” film on the windows, I used to work on a glass shop and the only time that I used that was on big mirrors, applied in the back, we called that safety backed mirrors.
I know that no razors inside, and nothing else, but have anyone tried plastic razor blades? used most for car detailing .

Any pointers on how to work around that will be appreciated. Inside is not in real bad condition, a few spots with glue residue only.

Thanks in advance

PS: Ordered a gallon of Safe restore just to try it outside and see what happens, never used it before. Can it be bought locally?

Not in my locale.

Check your local pressure washing suppliers and compare their cost to buying it direct + shipping.

Thad, I ordered it from JRacenstein but I hate to pay shipping for liquids !

Any advice on how to work around that safety film ?
Can you point me out on how to work with steel wool ? I haven’t used it to be honest and I’d like to see how you guys use it.
Not saying that I’ll use it in this project.


Don’t use steel wool on the safety film! It will scratch it.

I was asking tips for future uses when there’s not film involved

Goggles, full arm gloves & respirator. But I use Sunglasses, throwaway gloves & open all the windows.

That’s not allowed here.

Doesn’t Dallas Window Cleaning Supply carry SafeRestore?

Whats not allowed?

Purchasing from a dinosaur.

Only cos they can’t reach the shelves with their short arms.