Sales for August up or down?

We are up, and September is looking great. The phone has been ringing quite a bit, now that all the kiddies are back in school housewives are starting to get stuff done again.

I was down a little in August. To no ones fault but my own. I had a rough August and had to reschedule/postpone some work. Overall for the year though, I am up over last year. Should be a good rest of the year.

I was up August, September doesn’t look too good :frowning:

Beginning of August last year ! was still part time. This August started slow but ended with a bang. One Friday night before my holidays had me working past 8PM. So far Sept is the same as last year but showing signs it will probably be much better.

Last aug was my first month in business so natuarlly this august was way better. But I was still a bit shocked by how slow it was compared to july and sept. I was fairly warned, but still surprised none the less.

I have been down for august, and the trend looks to be continuing into September.
I will finish up most work this week and then hopefully hit the streets and look for more.
Shop front monthly or bi-monthly seem ideal at the moment…guarenteed money in the pocket, a regular income.

I have been booked solid since mid Feb.

So, are your sales for August up, down, or even as compared to the same period last year (the basis of the poll?)

They are up Larry.

I will make about 20K more this year than last year…

that = more miller lite baby

My August was about double over last year but I attribute some of that to the slow spring we had due to all the rain and flooding in our area. Still the business is growing at about 25-30% each of the last 2 years.

Congrats you guys ! ( for the ones doing better)

I’m on my 4th month of owning this company and I have not past experience to compare, but based on sales records I’m 60% less than last year.
Is gonna get better … at least I’m my own boss.

And that’s a lot!

very slow through august, but took time off too. sept is picking up a bit again.

Aug was a little better for me but Sept. is looking really good. Sept. will probably be my best month ever. Granted I am still part time in this business and still scared to pull the trigger to go full time.

Just remember, the longer you look at the water, the harder it is to jump in…

Oh are you still part time BB?

What do you do other than WC…

How many hours do you work W/C then p/week.

And just the fact that you didn’t answer me with nother question is something else too , Larry :slight_smile:

Now, when you are your own boss, is hard to look back, it opens a lot of doors, learning how to manage your biz, deal with customers, employees, vendors … but is all worth the headaches !

It’s not for everybody though. I know quite a few people that would rather work for someone then deal with all the headaches of being their own boss.

I could never work for someone again. I am so unemployable… I have basically been fired from every single job I have ever had. Its hard for me to care if its not my own.

But back to August up or down… I have blown away by how busy Sept has been… The phone has been ringing off the hook all week. Im really amazed.

Do you have another job? I thought you were full time?