Sales tax exemption?

How exactly does Family Guardian “protect people from divorce and sin,” for example?

I am not sure exactly what you mean. Can you be more specific? Will the Administrators allow this type of discussion on this forum? If not I would be happy to continue elsewhere. If you would like you can e mail me directly at Looking forward to hearing from you.

Then why would you?

Just because there is nothing in the constitution stateing you MUST pay federal taxes, does not mean you dont have to pay them. ITS A LAW which is differant then the constitution. Example, there is nothing in the constitution that says you can’t murder someone. It only states how one is to be tried if accused of murder. But the LAW states murder is illegal. Just like not paying federal taxes if your incomes is over $400 per year.

So, did you go into business for yourself to avoid paying income taxes?

First, let me state for the record that I didn’t go into business to avoid paying income taxes. I went into business knowing that I’m not liable to pay income taxes. Specifically (federal, state, social security and medicare). That is a big difference. Again if you check out those websites I posted earlier and do some serious research, they will give you all the info you need to get out of the system. As long as you’re in the system you are part of the problem. I have gotten out of the system. I have gone head to head with the IRS, the State Revenue Dept and the Social Security Administration asking them to prove that I am liable and none have responded with one word of law. If you’re interested I can send you exactly what I sent them. And I have done everything legal. It is truly one of the greatest hoaxes of all time perpetuated.
Please don’t take what I just said the wrong way. If you agree to keep funding a criminal he will keep spending it how he wants. As long as you pay the bill why would he care. Especially when he uses your hard earned fiat federal reserve notes to screw you and rule over you. And all of this is legal because of your consent.
This is a very, very simple explanation. It requires much diligent study and application. And by the way everyone is responsible for their own actions and decisions. No one can do this for you. Also check out extremely interesting as well.

Thanks Ray for your question. On second thought after getting your question maybe it should be something that is discussed more on this forum. Any way there are a lot of theories out there concerning this issue. The only way to come to a conclusion is take a serious look at what the law says and it’s jurisdictional application. That’s why I posted those sites. I am convinced that they expose the fraud and teach the solution. I know because I applied what I learned with success.
I would love to address your statement. Which is partially correct and partially in error. There is just to much to go into. Please check out those sites before you jump to any conclusions. We were all indoctrinated in the government fool system, (oh sorry the public school system) to think that way about income taxes. When I looked into this matter myself I learned differently.