Sales...what did you gross?

With all the exceptional marketing minds here and some real go-getter’s,im curious to know what everyone did sales wise…what did you gross for 07?

We been climbing the charts steadily since 04 (in my new location) we finally cracked 6 figures.

Curious to know what some of you did?

Are you a one man show? how many workers?

I made $500…we only did one job:D. I’ll make the transition to a full time business in April.

Solidly in the 6’s

Over 6 figs (easily).


Perhaps your “curiosity” would be better satisfied if this was setup as a private poll…

Why? Simple question…answer it or dont.We need not be too secretive its only money.

My belief is share it inspires those coming up;)


My reply was to point out that the early returns are somewhat vague.

Thats a very “vague” answer! Of course i expected nothing less from you!

You see its not a difficult question,a few have answered with no reservations!


I have been doing six figures for over 10 years now (Residential mostly). Im proud of what I have done for myself, my family, my workers. When you start out, its a struggle to get and keep work for yourself alone providing steady employment for others (your workers) .All I can say is that if you have reached this point, your in the game and your playin the game right. I know that you have been in it for a lot longer than I but you also pulled up your roots and relocated to Canyon Lake. Hats off to you on an even more prosperous year ahead!


Thanks Steve!:wink: Yeah we’re pretty happy… cranked it up out here in june of 04 (from scratch)so…since that time we have grown steadily.

kind of funny how any other subject you can get direct answers but when it comes to the $ people are a little tight mouthed.

I am no different- hit six figures in my 3rd year and now am in my 10th year and although I have been climbing since I am reaching a level spot, as I prefer (at this time) to have a small operation still working with my guys each day…hands on