Salesman Mini Episode #2


Thanks, Sean! Great job.

Great stuff Sean… About 1 minute in you can hear me screaming in the background… I had no idea Sean was in filming early… Sorry Sean…

Someone moved your yogurt?

Thanks guys! Notice how I didn’t even react to Chris yelling…tells you something about what mornings are like around the office! Haha! :smiley:

Alex, Mandy and I were brainstorming for the newest show. The adventures of MR T Bar.

I loved it Sean. It was nice to get a synopsis of what you do. Kudos on not letting Mr T bar throw you off!
Chris - Will Mr T bar have a nice Sanchez stache?

Will Mr. T swivel both ways :eek:

Nice job as ever Sean. More relaxed :slight_smile:

Thank you Karl!

Just feel’s like a breeze now!