Salesman mini episode #6


Great stuff Shawn. Wish I had employees :frowning:

I enjoy watching your talks. Did you say cash?? Big brother is always watching!:mad: Anyway, I would like to pick your brain some on hiring a sales person for our business. It has always been me in the past, but I wear too many different hats right now to do it right. I just want to know how a good payscale would go for a sales person, and what is the best way to make sure that he/she is not bidding just to get accounts / #'s and not making the business any money. Anyway, keep posting.

Haha! I know he always is watching! You can PM me with any questions you may have anytime you like. As far as payscale, when I started I received a low but reasonable weekly base pay and commissions on top of that. Once I started showing good numbers I was bumped to a regular salary along with commissions still. Now, for bidding just to get accounts, that can be a bit more difficult. You could try to apply a minimum charge but could still end up with an under priced account. You could institute a policy that they will not receive a commission until you personally see the new account and verify that it is in fact worth the price they bid it at but that can be time consuming for you since you have so many other things to handle at the moment. Maybe it’s just a trust thing between you and that sales rep. The bottom line is the more I bid on a job the more money I make if I win that bid. All salespeople can relate to that. You could explain it to them that way.

Thanks Sean, I will get back in touch later this week, or early next week as I know you will be at the convention. Have a great time.

How did the competition go? Did anyone meet the numbers? Did sales by wc’ers go up?