Salesman mini episode #8


Tried to play the video. It says it’s private and it won’t play.

Hey John

Give it a try now, you should be good to go.

One suggestion - try using a lapel mic. $20 at Radio Shack. It would really enhance the audio. Otherwise good!

Nice Video! If you only went after accounts that didn’t have anyone doing their windows you probably wouldn’t get too far. If I think my prices are fair and they happen to be cheaper than the other guy, that’s great. I’ve been giving free estimates lately while cold calling and tell the manager “Here’s my pricing/frequency, I don’t know how that compares to what you have now but if it’s any better or I could offer a better service let me know.” They usually volunteer the info anyway because they want the best deal.

I enjoy your videos Sean. As you well know.

One suggestion. Try to put more energy, enthusiasm when you speak, you sound like you need Coffee.

I hope that doesn’t make you sound unnatural but you sound dead tired, drained when you make the video.

Just a suggestion though.


And remember insider information only ever hurt Martha Stuart - but she had it coming!:wink:

I heart sean!

Come to FL!

You should have seen him Friday afternoon in ATL. :eek:

Steve and mikep: I will certainly speak up from now on in an effort to be more audible. It was early this morning and I usually make them before I have any coffee, which I’ve been trying to stay away from lately incidentally!

Matt: I’d love to stop by FL, I need some warm weather!

Tony: Whatever do you mean? You must have caught me after my lunch of 8 Five Hour Energy’s and 3 King Size Snickers! It’s the newest diet craze!! I’ll incorporate it into my daily regimen before filming from now on!! Ha!

In all seriousness though, thanks guys! I’m always humbled by everyone’s positive feedback!

If Chris hires the meth head that came in for the interview he could hook Sean up:cool:

I put on the pink shirt you guys gave me today… and it made me smile! You guys were great guests and made my job a fun place to be! I hope ya’ll had a great time in the ATL (though next time you come you have to actually leave the hotel!!). I must say, I am impressed with your website! I look forward to watching more videos in the future!

All the best,


Right on!!!

wooo look at that Sean!


By the way, we demand a lot from our members here and you will have to become an active contributor from here on out!! Better brush up on your window cleaning knowledge!

ok ok… just be ready!