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I’ve been debating something the last few days. I’ve designed the Samurai according to my normal configuration: 2 regular squeegees and a mop. But there were times where I’d prefer a squeegee with pad as well as a regular squeegee and mop.

Watching youtube it seems like more and more people are using the excelerators with the pad. So I was curious what configuration everyone was using or would prefer to use if given the right boab.

What is in your boab 90% of the time?

  • 2 regular squeegees and a mop
  • 3 regular squeegees and a mop
  • 1 regular squeegee, 1 squeegee with pad, and mop
  • 2 squeegees with pads
  • 4 squeegees with pads
  • Newspaper and vinegar

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100% of the time I only have one squeegee and one mop in my boab


Same here. Occasionally I will have a channel loose in the boab as well as a squeegee and a mop.


The Vinegar and Newspaper Boab. Sell to home owners. Millions more. :rofl: I’m 2 squeegee and a mop, but I thought this was about a boab for my 36", aka samari? Have fun, maybe make add ons. Boabs are like cats, you can’t have just one.:upside_down_face:


Thinking outside the BOAB. :roll_eyes:

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1 squeege, 1 applicator, don’t like the extra Room given for other tools be held in my boab if no purpose.

This is how the highrise market here goes, less tools carried.

Bigger pockets to accommodate the larger squeegee bundled just allows the trad tools to move around too much.

Is Samurai geared to residential and storefront markets.


could you make the boab modular?

Geared to residential, storefront and commercial… Not so much high rise. I figured they’d have their own specialized stuff.

So far my gut is correct. You can’t really make it modular per se but I’ve got you covered.

1 applicator
1 squeegee

90% of the time


I usually keep my excelerator on my pole and use my boab for regular squeegees


I carry one 18" applicator and one 18" squeegee in my boab.

Excelerator and fliq pad in the bucket or on the pole.


One 14" Excelerator and one 14" Applicator most of the time.


When i say highrise, meaning we do more interior ladderwork, lift work and jobs that a person just isnt using a flip or swivel systems fir cleaning.

Highrise tools are not specialized, same Ettore, Sorbo, Unger tools when it cones to what is used in cleaning the window. We do clean more large windows and ni need to be switching squeegee sizes.


Oh, then yeah, I think it’ll work for you. But the squeegee slots will accommodate a ninja so the regular tools will flop around but not like the ninja bucket just more like the pulex or moerman bucket. If we can get unger to stop making those stupid end clips, I’ll change the bucket since I have to try and accommodate every channel.

Once I release the bucket, I’m hoping to get a ton of feedback and really dial in the features. Unlike The Big Companies, I should be able to change the bucket pretty quickly based on feedback without having to reinvest into another mold.


What I really admire is that by working in the industry, seeing a need that isnt being met as it could be and wanting to provide a better alternative.

Got to appreciate that!


Thanks man! Plus, I think by being “the little guy” I can actually respond to customer feedback.

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1 squeegee and 1 mop

I can get away with using a 14-16 inch squeegee here all day . If I know I’ll be using a smaller squeegee for one or two windows I’ll toss that squeegee in the bucket and take it out when I need it . 2-3 squeegees in the boab all day sounds to heavy . Again I do about 95% resi


I’ve been using the pulex boab. One 14" squeegee, one 30" squeegee and my 30" applicator for my route work. The bigger tools have actually helped me speed up. They do look ridiculous in the boab though.

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When does it look like the Samurai will be out?

Soon! They’re cutting steel right now for the mold. But they have to cut a LOT of steel for it. I’m hoping end of march, early early april.

As soon as they can come up with a milestone I’ll be posting the timeline EVERYWHERE!

Getting really excited.