Saving money with Direct Mail

Hey guys, I’m constantly trying to cut costs in the area marketing and figuring different ways to be more efficient. I’m sure you guys are as well.

One area I’ve been cheap in is getting it printed. I do have it in color. I’ve been using They are the cheapest I can find in terms of printing out batches of 5000 cards. Their quality is great. Their prices are still really, really, really competitve when it gets to the 50,0000 to 100,000 print out range.

Is there anyone out there that can find cheaper printing than this? If so I’d like to know!
Below is some of the pricings per card.

I get 5000 4x6 cards for $106 color both sides. (.212per piece)
It goes up to $355 for 5000 6X9 cards (.071 per card) and for 50,000 cards its (.05642 per card)
then $519 for larger cards (.1038 per card for 5000) and for 100,000 cards its (.06469 per card).

I did leave the shipping out of the equation. I’ve been really happy with these guys…only had
one mess up on a batch. They printed another one for free. (was still able to use the messed up batch
and made money).

Another thing I’ve been trying to do is find a local printer that can do mass print outs so I can save on shipping.

Although my reply is not a direct answer, it does deserve a little notice to mention that since these online printing houses have become so popular, our local printing houses who did full color have gone belly up.

I can not even come close to those prices locally.

I’m begining to think that about the local print shops with in the state have been going belly up or their prices are way higher than the ones on the internet.

Hopefully, (little hope) I can find an internet printing company near by. That would be great. All the cheap ones are in California it seems.

I have what seem to me an obvious question; why look elsewhere if you like your current provide?

If two services provide exceptional service and if one of them you can pick the prints up without having to pay for shipping, why would you not want to do that? If I do find another one in the area with competitive price I’ll get it but, I doubt I will.

I did not see that part.

Excellent thread on marketing and the impact of the internet on things. Back in the 90’s the most economical method of advertising through direct mail was to find a local printer, (preferably a new one or struggling one) one that is hungry for business and to exchange services and get rapport with them for bargain basement pricing on printing needs.

These days the internet companies have incredibly low prices. Recently I went to my local printing company and told them of an offer for some door hangers that was substantially lower than there offer and they straight up told me they could not beat or come close to the offer but hoped I would still stay with them.

If things were going better I would’ve most likely stayed with them and absorbed the costs. Not during these times though. I opted to go with the substantial savings and will maybe go back with my local friends when the market allows it.

How ironic – we’d probably think and speak poorly of those customers that leave us on the basis of price for the services we provide.

I got 4000 for $69 + s&h= about $100ish I think

Times are tough Larry. Lean 'n mean sometimes means tough decisions to make until the market comes back. I have a solid relationship with these people and know they understand.

Are you saying you have seen a decrease in revenue?

Are you referring to the stock market? What effect does that have on your printing decision making?

If I had a nickel for every post where someone stated that they would raise the price on those customers who left them on the basis of price and then later returned, I would be richer than Peter Angelos.

Go Huskers!

With two straight losses going in to Texas Tech, they need more than your cheerleading.

Texas Tech just might hang 70 on the skers like last year. Gonna watch in about an hour and see…

Gas prices have dropped ~25% in my area from their height.

The market will come back, as will the stocks in which your 401K plan invests. Remember that you’re in it for the long haul.

We read on all forums about WC’ers boasting how they would “penalize” those who leave on the basis of price and later seek to re-engage.

Agreed – “'Free the Birds!”

Back to the original thread here…

There is no choice in your poll for “both”

I do happen to use both local and internet print shops.

My local print shops print my invoices, quotes/estimates, T&C’s, and Waivers. They can and do make them color copies with carbonless copies. The prices aren’t the best, but they are acceptable.

However, I use the internet print shops for mass marketing printing such as post cards. In fact, I have 5000 Lighting flyers that are due to arrive tomorrow. They are much cheaper on these articles.

The ones coming tomorrow were $106 for full color front and back, 4"X6" postcard on nice card stock, UV Coating both sides. The part that was hard to swallow on them was the shipping. I could have gottten the same qty of 5.5"X8.5" for thirty bucks more, but because of the shipping weight, It doubled the shipping cost to $90. Sometimes it’s just a toss-up to see who I go with.

I use for most things.

how much does it cost to ship them to potential customers?!!!