Saying hello

Hey there,
New to window cleaning resource. Got my WCRA membership from my former boss, as a going away present of sorts…I think! Thanks again Dave Freeborn. Anyway, I’m excited and optimistic about my new business venture. Looking forward to my new career and keeping up with everyone on the forums.

Kyle Schmidt
Sequoia Window Cleaning

Hey Kyle welcome aboard.

How long did you work with Dave?

Welcome. Dave is a good man to give you a WCRA membership as a going away present. Better than a gold watch… Well maybe not if it was real gold. :cool:

Welcome aboard Kyle!! The membership is certainly a wonderful gift from Dave.

Welcome Kyle

For a couple of years, off and on around my schedule. I learned a lot from him, fun guy to work with that’s for sure

F Yah he’s fun to work with! Going away present? No…it was a “Kyle needs this very important piece of the business puzzle” present. I started with the AUWC…picked brains over there. You’re not going away are you? Are you moving? lol. Hey! 3:00 post ? Why aren’t you working! Slacker…did you go hit up the dentist in F-Ville yet?

Welcome Kyle. Dave is generous for sure. He sent me a poster and DVD, across country!

Welcome Kyle. I like the business name you’ve chosen. Where in Cali are you located?

Woodlake. I’m going to be serving mostly Exeter, Woodlake, Three Rivers, Visalia…maybe further if the price is right.

Yeah I stopped in there, but the dentist wasn’t there. So I left my card. Going to go back next week if he doesn’t call so I can talk to him directly.