Scam if ive ever seen one

Got this email today, I think it probably came from my listing on craigslist (I get a ton of spam from my posts). BTW I am listed under house hold services but my title clearly says window and gutter cleaning only.

I’m Kate Jenson. i need a professional Cleaner to handle my Home. I have been away from home over 2 months, am in western Africa for some special project and it has finished , so i need a cleaner to clean up everywhere for me before i arrive back home . Its 2 rooms, 1 SittingRoom, 1 Bathroom/Toilet and a Kitchen. This is all that you have to clean, arrange everywhere and mop the Floor and use your Equipment for that.

I need this service fast, because i have to arrive in the states by 27/February/09 and i want this cleaning before then, or when i arrive, i will stay in a Hotel for a Day or 2 to enable you do the cleaning. ,but for safety purpose i will call you as soon as i arrive , then give you the keys of the House, so you can do this cleaning while am arround. I will forward the Pictures of the Rooms to you in the next mail.

I need your assistance and am Trusting you for this, cos its not that easy to trust someone that u have not seen in person, but i believe we will get to know each other soon and this will favour you well, cos am a very easy going person and well understanding. My Boss wants to pay me off for the Project that i attended in Africa, so he’s paying me with an International money order/cashiers cheque, which can’t be cashed in Africa. Its $2840 USD, so i want you to cash it, then take $500 for your Advance service charges, then send $2000 to my Travelling Agent, cos its for my Flight Ticket Fees, then keep the remaining balance ($340) for me till i arrive .
If you are interested doing the Cleaning Service for me, i need the following Details Below:


Must be Able to provide References On Request.

I need this information to issue the check, because i have to do everything fast and also my Boss will be travelling on a Business trip, so he needs the necessary information , so he can issue the check and send it to you. immediately he sends the check, i will forward the Tracking Number of the payment to you and i want you to know that the most important thing is for you to clean my apartment very well and arrage it in good order.
You have to do a perfect cleaning in my House and make it as neat as possible.

Waiting to hear from you.


Kate Jenson

Big time Scam. What amazes me is all the people that fall prey to it.

It always involves Africa in some way. LOL

Absolutely. But think about it. They wouldn’t keep doing it if it wasn’t working on some level. There’s one born every minute.

Did you report it to Craigs? They are definately getting better at this type of thing. Kate Jenson actually sounds like an american name. Its usually signed with something like Ganjahishi Leonardo:confused::smiley:

Could I interest you in giving me your bank account number and ss# so I could deposit a ridiculously large sum of money that I just inherited? Please reply immediatly as your spot may be replaced and you miss out on the opportunity of a lifetime.

Thank You Friend,
Napthi Anabushwo
African Prince and Ambassodor for Candyland

I have a friend that works as a detective in the local police department. He is assigned to the internet fraud prevention program. I have sent him similar emails like yours and he researches and traces it back as far as he can.

I’d find someone in your local PD and let them know about the scam. This person seems to be targeting not just an individual but a business and I think that gets into a lot more Federal Felony Charges.

Who knows, your might be able to help nab a huge crime ring.

I hate getting crap like that. It is such a waste of time. First you think, “Sweet. I’m gonna get a awesome gig.” Then it turns out to be BS.

I get this one several times a weeks from different idiots in Africa, but this one just arrived as I was reading the above posts. look I’m rich again!!!

Dear One,

Good day, I am Miss Fatima Amed. From Abidjan, Cote d’ivoire. I wish to request for your urgent assistance in my investment plans in your base, I wish to invest in manufacturing and real estate management in your base, this is because I inherited an important sum from my late father who died in recent political crisis in Cote d’Ivoire here.

Before the death of my father he informed me near his hospital bed, that he saved the total sum of ($8.500,000) Eight Million Five hundred thousand united states dollars only, in one of the bank here in cote d Ivoire.

This money was been deposited for my social security and for fruitful international investment.That is why I need you to keep this transaction highly confidential and trust worthy person who will assist me to receive this fund overseas for investment establishment purposeindurities and lucrative profitable ventures.

Further directives and details about the deposit and on how to move the fund successfully into your private bank account in your country will be given to you as soon as I get your response.

Yours Faithfully.

Fatima Amed.

Reminds me off that “All the bases are belong to us.” (sic).

I just[B] laughed out loud[/B]…that was great…

haha, I received this one today too.

I"ve received the same e-mail… I e-mailed them back the first time( Just a general, “hi, your not crazy are you?” sort of thing), but of course, they keep giving me broken english requests for more info… total scam.

I have reported it to craiglist 3-4 times, but I guess these guys are good at it.


There is an ebay scam going on now(I just found out today) Usually involves large ticket items, but maybe small items also. The perp some how gets access to a listing ebayers account(the guy I heard about was in SC selling a harley) he didnt sell it on the initial listing. The perp/hacker got the account info and sent a 'second chance offer" to the next higher bidder. the perp/hacker acted like the original lister and had the second chance guy send/wire money into a account, which in turn the perp/hacker withdrew.
Be careful!!

scames i got involved canada, england and africa, just common sense not to give out information over email

I feel like a huge nerd since I know what you’re talking about. Wow.

Well I’m so happy cause I just found out that my long lost grand father apparently had over 20 million bucks just sitting in a bank in Africa. And all I have to do is wire them $5000 and I can get the whole 20 mil. Man I’m so shocked cause last I knew my grandfather spend 15 years in the mountains of Italy and 60 years in the Bronx. Never knew he was in Africa and even better he made 20 million while there. I’m just really taken back that he never told anyone in the family he had all this money. Maybe if he had we would have been able to get him a gold coffin. lol.