School Price?

I’ve been asked how much would I charge to clean windows at a School. I’m not to sure on the number of windows that there are but I would be guessing that there is at least 100 - 200 windows. The windows are 3’ wide X 5’ high. They are hung windows with no screens. Also I’ve been told that they aren’t that dirty. I’ve been thinking of pricing them somewhere between $3 - $6 a windows.

What would you suggest for a good price?

got any pics?

I don’t have any pics but this school is located in louisiana that was damaged by Hurricane Ike. I have been told that the school is actually made up of modular type building that have about 12 rooms in each. There are 6 of those modules. It will all be ground work, no ladders, extension poles, etc, etc…

I figure this job to take me a full day maybe two days if its as easy from what ive been told.

I’ll be looking at this job tomorrow. And will also have to have my bid in as well.

(I just found out about this job today)

sweet, hope you get it.
good hunting

One thing I’ve learned is to never take anyones word for how easy or dirty a job is. Good thing you are going to look at the job for yourself tomorrow.