Scraping and wooling - or nothing at all?

Do you scrape or wool EVERY window on a home you have never cleaned before?

Or do you find that there are some homes that simply need scrubbing and squeegee’ing?

On all first cleans we use a razor (w/ waiver of course). Even when using a wfp I will scrape (thanks to the Reach Around). It’s the quickest, most efficient way to get a quality job.

I only wool or scrape if needed - i would say on average that about 5-10 windows per house for a first time clean.

speaking of that I forgot to order new blades with my last order on WCR DANGIT!!

We try our best to keep the razor off the glass at all cost. We break it out to spot scrape most of the time unless the “sling shot painting company” did their thing before we got there. Most of the time we use 0000 steel wool on the outsides and insides if it is a first time customer. It really depends on the home and what they have. If its a quarterly customer with just a man and wife (no dogs, no children, non smokers) we can get away with just a wet,scrub, squeegee and were done. I always steel wool the outsides unless they are monthly.


Ha ha. That’s really good! We’ve got plenty of those clowns around here too.

For fear of having fabricating debris scratch the glass, correct? Just clarifyiung for a new forum member such as Randy.

Also let’s clarify that fabricating debris cannot exist on annealed glass – only heat-treated glass. So, using a properly maintained razor/scraper on annealed glass poses absolutely no risk for scratching.

True larry, I have tested large picture windows for FD and scraped away only to notice tiny scratches when I was coming down the ladder at the right angle. I am by no means a pro at detection of FD so I try to limit my liability at all cost. It can be tricky and a very expensive mistake in the end. When I first started out, i was a scrape every window kind of guy. When I had to replace a few transoms and windows, I began to rethink my cleaning procedures and what was acceptable to my customer. No I only do it if it will end up as a poorly done job due to a ton of paint and the presence of FD. At that point I will point it out to the customer and let them make a decision.


Steve, I understand your fear of FD. Of course no wcer can “test” for FD. I recommend a waiver and education. The only windows that might possibly be affected are defective ones. Not our responsibility since we didn’t manufacture, install, or purchase them.