Scrapped the flash

So I decided to get rid of the flash website as per some of your suggestions. It really was annoying trying to view it on the cell phone.

I just switched to a basic site. some of the pics are just off of the web which I will be changing over the next while.

High Line Window Cleaning - Home

Let me know your thoughts

Also, any help on how to get noticed on search engines would be awesome.

I’m not an SEO expert and I think there’s a section on here for that, but backlinks and a keyword rich website are key. Also I think the first 10 words on each page are critical and should include keywords (don’t quote me on that). Web crawlers read your webpage from top to bottom.

There’s probably 50 other things that will help…

I love the LOGO, very unique and professional looking.

Thanks, yeah I’ve heard so many different things on how to get noticed. I guess I’ll have to speak with an expert on that.

As for the logo, my dad is a full time fire fighter fighter and has a clothing line as a second career. Him and his business partner also design killer logos and websites. They do clothing/logo design packages for less than anyone else. If anyone wants the hook-up, lemme know because they are the best around. They charge one price for the logo design and you can change it free of charge as many times as you want until you are satisfied. Then you can either choose from their products or find your own to put it on.