Scratch Removal Brochure: Let me know what you think :)

Getting my advertising together for the new GlassRenu purchase, I had put this together after I saw user “templbi”'s brochure.

I took a few words/pics from GlassRenu and ideas from templbi’s. Also, I had thought about Kevin’s thread, “Your ad doesn’t [I]look[/I] like an ad?”, so there may be a lot of reading involved. …Personally I don’t like to be assaulted by advertising :slight_smile:

It was created with Apple’s iWork program, Pages. The first pic is the brochure’s outside, the second is the inside.

What do you think?

Looks very professional Garrett!

I only had a minute to give a quick check but I saw two small things. In the mirror section the sentence “it’s used extensively on tempered and anneald glass in storefronts, home windows and doors and the results are the same as with traditional glass-- clarity with no visible distortion.” needs to be broken up or something. To many "and"s.

The second was the part about the car glass… “…the original glass that were meant to be with you’re fine .” is unclear and worded oddly;)

The whole thing looks really good though. Nice job- very professional!

It looks very clean and high end. However i would put scratch and acid etched or grafittied glass right on the front cover. sometimes people dont think glass restoration is removing scratches or graffitti.

Very nice. Now I have to get working on mine.

Glad your getting in to this work. Another person in town I can refer to. Some thoughts on word use and or sentence structure. May want to lose “graffitied.” I see the value of using the word graffiti, just thought it could be incorporated differently. My gut says no need to sell “low cost” unless that’s what you want or that you are clear on what others are charging. Let the customer figure if your “low-cost” or not by having them testing the market/ making phone calls. Looks great otherwise. Wish you well!

Very clean. I like it!

I like it! Looks more professional than mine. I’m having a couple of mine printed to see how they look. i like your color scheme.

Very nice, I just sat down to start working on “something” while waiting for my system to arrive.
Yours is a nice inspiration, keep it up

PS: Did you ever get a tracking number for your glassrenu system ?

Looks tight!

Are you printing your self? How many are you doing? How are you distributing them?

@puntadigital: I never received a noticed that my GlassRenu had shipped - it did arrive, but everything after the ordering was a “mystery”.

@Chris: I’m going to figure that out - I’ll probably print with gotprint. This was just to put something together. I’ll most likely hit the commercial districts and keep this in my messenger bag if there’s no manager/superior available to speak with. If I do “booth shows” I could have this available for display.

If anyone else has other documents/templates that they’d like to trade for this, hit me up!

I got my system last week Garrett, but I think the guys should check the forums often since every day there are more GR users in WCR.

Noticed in the brochure you’re a Certified Technician, did you went to SF for training ?

I get a message saying invalid extension when I try to view the brochure. Any ideas?? I’m very curious. It sounds nice. Thanks
Correction. It says Invalid Attachment Specified…any ideas?

I’m getting the same thing.

Same here.

Same here.