Scratch Removal... No Go

I went to check out some scratched glass today. It was at a Longhorn Steak House. The owner called up claiming that an employee had scratched the hell out of all the front doors. I know right away, it was fab debris. But, I went to look at it anywho. So… I get there and in .5 seconds I could see that it was fab debris. I humored the owner and tested every little piece of glass with my scraper and ears. (not like I could the glass any worse)

Too bad, it would have been a nice buck in the companies pocket, and in mine. The important thing about scratch glass removal is, you have to go and look at every scratch before you show up with all your equipment for nothing.

Never really thought about it… can you not remove fabricating debris?

Fabricating debris or scratches as a result of fabricating debris?

Remember, we don’t test for fabricating debris.

Sorry, I meant scratches caused by fabricating debris.

I know we don’t test for fabricating debris, we get a waiver.

I don’t offer scratch removal services, but I would imagine that it is impractical to remove scratches over (potentially) that great a span of glass area (distortion issue.)

Also, the manufacturer discourages it because they believe it could cause more scratches by moving the debris around.

Larry, distortion is not a big problem. The larger the area (if you know how to remove scratches) the easier it is.

Gotcha. I’m not in this business; I’ve only seen Dan Fields’ SRP demo at his shop.

Do you have many calls for multiple scratches on a pane over a large area, or is it typically one (large) scratch?

What’s your pricing algorithm?

Fab debris scratches can be removed. I have talked with a man named Rick Evans who does this on multistory buildings. He charges between 17 to 22 bux per square foot. Does not use the Novus machine. The technology IS out there guys. If we want to get into this work the money is too.

Henry Grover Jr.

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What type of system is he using?

Im sure they can! Partly because of there characteristics being somewhat faint & less obvious(depending on angle of light),as opposed to some more radical scratches but, the real irony is trying to remove them and possibly dislodging more glass fines in the process as a result?

Grant it…if the particular substrate has had every square inch scraped thus dislodging every piece of fab debris or glass fines & the scratches are minimal then it may be a worthy deed otherwise you run the risk of causing more damage all in all.At least from chatting with Dan Fields on this it is something he does not recommend… regardless the unit/polisher.

Hey, would you mind aswering the pricing algorithms question. I’d like to be competative also.

What up big Craig!!! Hope all is well.

This is an old thread, Tory. Craig’s post is from August 2008, and we don’t see him here anymore. BTW, I spoke with him at the MWCoA seminar in Tracy three weeks ago.

will you do this job now with your SRP or Glass Renu system?

If you were called today, or went back to do a follow up with the customer, can you do this safely and will they remove the Fab Debris?

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thank you… I will have it looked at on Monday,