Scratch waiver

What do you recommend:confused: for a job that i cant use a scraper on? I am planning on using alternative methods to remove paint etc. but what kind of waiver should i have signed? The fields waiver says they will use no other methods so I cant use that waiver. Any suggestions?

Please correct me if I’m wrong but using anything other than soap and water on the glass can or will void the manufacturers warranty. So other than a blade what would you consider using?

Steel wool cement off oil flo magic erasers…would this void the warranty? If so how do I go about cleaning the glass without scratching it?

There is no clear cut answer, Jay. There’s probably over 5000 threads / debates about this very subject on WCR.

The best advice I can give is to use the search button, research for yourself and then make an informed decision.

Ok I will look into it a bit more. What is your opinion do you think steel wool or scrubby pads could void the warranty? From what I have read it is more just certain chemicals , correct ?

Im not the best person to ask about things like this because I don’t do commercial and when I do get construction clean-up calls I price them through the roof to avoid the headache.

If you are very unsure as to how to get the windows clean your best bet is to either educate the customer as to the danger of scratches using traditional methods. If they don’t want to play by your rules, then you’re better off walking away from the job.

Agreed! If you do decide to tackle a job of this nature whatever processes you utilize, try them out on small areas of less noticeable windows to monitor the results(you may want to try these processes out prior to quoting the job). I know it is easier said than done. Hope things work out for you weather you score this job or not. Many here will attest to sometimes it is better to just walk away. Welcome to the dance.

Yea I agree with all of you. One thing I am thinking though is that there is so little actual debris on the window that I dont think it will be a pain getting it off at all without a scraper. The only thing I am really confused about is why would I have them sign a scratch waiver which is all about using a razor when I am not going to use a razor? I am going to have them sign a pre-existing conditions waiver. Anyone have any insight?

because if the cement comes off and sticks to your sleeve, and you scrub the glass with it, you could scratch it. Plus even though they are small areas of debris, there could be scratches under it that you cant see. Just cover your own backside.

It seems to me the way the “Fields Waiver” reads it only protects you from scratches made while using a razor. Is that incorrect? Also shouldn’t the per-existing conditions waiver cover me for scratches under the debris?

Open the fields waiver in word and edit it to make that bad boy work for you. You’re the pro. Imagine any of the worst case scenerios that you can come up with and put it in there.

Or turn the job down. There is no shame in not doing the job. Honestly it sounds like a nightmare in the works