Scratch waiver

do you require a scratch waiver for all construction cleaning?
do the builders ever refuse?

YES…I have only had one say they would not sign it. So I moved on.

I would NEVER touch the glass on a ccu without a signed waiver.If you do your just looking to get blamed for someone elses mistake.

I require it for ALL types of cleanings. No sign, no squeegee!

I don’t have a waiver. If it gets scratched, it’s barely noticeable. Remember clients are looking through the glass not at it.

So, you don’t take responsibility for your actions?

I take my time and do a great job. I use a razor properly even when doing quick work. I have never had a waiver

Even the best pro can scratch a pane, no matter how careful he is.

What is gonna happen if you finish up this “huge” account you supposedly just picked up, and they notice damage to the glass? Whether it’s pre existing or damaged by you, they won’t care. You touched the glass last. Are you gonna tell them just not to look at it?

I have waivers signed for all ccu. I should have one for every job. There was a company here that got hit for $100,000 in damaged glass. Even though it was most likely damaged during construction by several different trades, he took the hit. Not something I’m willing to risk.

I got 2 million in insurance. A hundred thousand ain’t nothing.

o. M. G.

I thought Ins. covers
accidents, not negligence.


My ins covers it all. I ain’t worried about no dang scratch.

Wouldn’t it be better to spend a minute and tell them about scratching and have them sign a waiver?

Do you want work or do you want to be an advisor?
Hey would you like your windows cleaned? Yeah sure. Oh by the way it might get scratched. Here sign this.
Next !

Builders “will” look at the glass and so “will” the homeowner who buys the house (if new home const). CYA my friend. Guess what your ins wont pick up the tab majority of the time. Usually the builder will swap out a bad pane. Call and see if they cover glass you scratched cause nobody else could have done it but you. Then see how much your policy will go up. Document all flaws and inform them before and after. Mortar, if brick or stucco) is your worse enemy.

So sounds like a great policy. Very affordable? I would like other WCRA to chime in for other ins companies that offer that type of policy. Sure beats paying out of pocket.

I’m beginning to think Ben is a made up persona to keep the forum exciting :slight_smile:

Lmao…Thats the best I think we could hope for…LOL;)

Really Ben, Thats got to be the stupids reasoning not to have a waiver.