Scratched Glass

A buddy of mine set to task today on some new car dealership windows with an old rusty scraper blade and now the glass has minor scratches all over. They are notso deep that a fingernail would catch if you passed your finger over them, but they sure are visible. Anybody have any advice on how to remedy these scratches short of having them buffed out?

Look into the glassrenu system. You get a discount as a wcra member.

GlassRenu is a great system, and I’m sure would do a great job. This situation calls for a more immediate remedy.

I dont believe it can be done without having them “buffed out”, in fact they will probably need more aggressive “sanding” and then buffing. Good luck.

I’m afraid that GlassRenu is the only remedy.

Try a little clear nail polish on one scratch, it might do the trick. Sorry to hear about your troubles.

Good lord

I can’t think of a faster solution then Glass Renu.

You cannot be serious.

Get me a plane ticket, can be there tomorrow.

If you need someone right away, give me a call and I can try and get you in contact with someone who already has the GlassRenu system in your area who you can hire out to repair the scratches for you. You can get me at 888-769-0001.

Reminds me of the ol man in ," My Big fat Greek Wedding" where windex is the cure all :stuck_out_tongue: lol jk

i heard several times on a UK forum that rubbing Colgate toothpaste in the scratch works to fill it . i doubted this ,but then 1 of my guys scratched a small new window Bigtime when cement got scraped off . so i go try the toothpaste trick and i could still see the scratches . a month later on the next clean i see no scratches and 2 years down the road still see no scratches

just my experience

Does WCR sell industrial Colgate and or clear nail polish?

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I had a customer call for scratch removal and told me she couldn’t get it out with toothpaste. First I had ever heard of it. Wonder if it has something to do with the silica in toothpaste