Screen Cleaner


Nice design. On your rinse hose are you using jets with plugs or just punched holes?

1/32" Holes

I’ve looked at a few screen cleaners with elements I liked and disliked. I wanted to do something out of stainless for stability and rust prevention. I liked the channel design (Aztec) better than the square tubing frame (IPC). I’m a tall guy so I wanted to to be made for me; 42" High, 36" of brushes. In AZ we have alot of big sun screens so hopefully it will work out

Overall I’m pretty happy. I have a few details I’d like to add but they can wait. I figure there will be a couple things I’ll want to modify in the future and I’ll add those details then.

Sweet looking design. :wink:

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Thanks for the inspiration. You don’t have to worry about me selling mine though. I had sent you a PM a while ago asking your input but I never heard back from you.

I was seeing that Mark came up with something similar to yours but considerably cheaper. :open_mouth:

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What type of bristles did you use? Would a pushbroom work?

Look up concrete paving broom. That’s what I found when I was going to build my own. Just be sure to get the soft one because the firm one is too firm. I’ve also seen what appears to be the same thing on the bottom of some commercial entry doors. Ultimately I bought the Aztec because I remembered I’m terrible at building things.


I got my brushes off of Zoro. If anybody wants the part number PM me.

Here’s it in action today.

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