Screen Cleaning in the cold

New Jersey is in a deep freeze. What is everyone in cold climates doing with screens? We for the most part have been doing them inside customers semi warm garages. Not everyone has a garage though. Our standard wet cleaning is making a slushy mess out of the screens… Any ideas?

I just do simple wipe downs when in the arctic blast. I never have had a problem with a client.

You have a couple options,either just dry brush & use a screen cleaner or damp cloth them with a terry towel.

As i’ve mentioned before the only downfall to “screen cleaners” is they have a polymer in them which can transfer onto the glass,that can make it hydrophobic (water beading) if…there exterior screens. On interior screens we normally wipe them down with screen cleaner and call it good,especially if the windows aren’t open alot.

We normally only deal with casements where screens are on the inside.

Oh I didn’t realize screen cleaners make the glass hydrophobic. Thats good to know as I want to be able to WFP as many of these clients in the future as possible. I guess were just gonna go the dry brush route.


Yeah…unfortunately either the winsol or version can make hydrophillic glass hydrophobic so…it is something to consider! Although…it would have to be a very concentrated amount of sealer to achieve it.

We normally water it down pretty good even less then the recommended amount as it still does a good job.

I will say if you use a good counter brush brush spline side first then frame side & once again on the spline side with a terry towel wipe they usually turn out pretty good.

With you guys contending with freezing conditions that would probably be the best bet until spring when it warms up & your able to continue with deep cleaning procedures.

[COLOR=Blue]We try to talk the customers into leaving the screens off during the winter to help prolong the screen life.[/COLOR]

Thats something i believe falls into (what the client prefers) at least thats been my experience. We have those that go “screen less” and those that dont.

With alot of the golfing communities (especially older folks) they either have regular screens on year round or switch…and go with solar screens during the spring & summer months then…switching back to regular screens in the fall & winter.

Although…i believe that is a good way to prolong fabric life of them,especially in the colder climates.

Get a sprayer and apply a diluted mix of Tide w/ bleach alternative directly to a towel and wipe the screens with the towel, then towel dry. In a pinch has worked for me.

[COLOR=Blue]We offer to come out in the Spring and put them back on for free. That gets us back in the mind of the customer and another opportunity to sell our services to the client…[/COLOR]

Chris I was doing the same thing with the garage. What I ended up doing after the 1st freeze problem was going the brush route but also using a damp rag to clean the frames. What was really shocked me, was the day my screens froze up was not even cold. It was the brisk wind flowing threw the screen that froze them. Totally sucked as my day was almost over an now I had to wait 30 minutes for this stuff to melt off in the garage.