Screen Cleaning Station

I’ve seen mention of a screen cleaning station. Anyone got plans or suppliers?


I know Larry has one, could you post a photo of your setup Larry?

Check this baby out, I cant remember who sent me these pics. I have had them for over a year. I have been meaning to make one of these.

similar to the thing sold for cleaning removable windows inside.

We place the screens flat on the cement driveway or walk way stacked one on top of the other. We wash them all on top of each other then flip and wash the backside and stack one on top of each other. This allows the soap to penetrate through all when stacked. We use our secrete soap (Shhhh. Tide with bleach alternative) We then lift the stack and place against the van all together. Our truck’s WFP system has a gated Y valve in the supply hose. Which splits the feed water to another short hose with a nozzel on it. This short length of hose allows us to wash the stack of screens near the truck without having to hook another hose to the house or move the screens. We wash them with the one we are concentrating on close to the others that are stacked so the rinse water flows over the others helping to pre-rinse them. We then leave them on end so they will dry. I thought of this when Shawn Gavin from “Reach Higher Ground” was helping me with my truck and system. Even though my sytem was purchased before I met Shawn he has helped me tweak it to fit my needs. He is very knowlegable on what it takes to perfect a system.

In real big condo jobs with many screens we use a kid’s blow up pool filled with water and soap and let the stack soak in the soapy water before pulling them out and rinsing and then drying.

I like the screen stacking idea. I think this will help with productivity. I also like the screen stand. Could also be used by an entire crew when the customer doesn’t want you ****ing on their lawn. Sorry, gals, will be a bit more a challenge for you.


Why is c r a p p i n g on a lawn more of a challenge for gals than guys?

maybe he said p i s s ing

It’s called the win-mate. I made my own version out of PVC. Been using it for 4 years.

I accounted for that, but then my post wouldn’t have been so funny.

Or (with apologies to The Man and Negative Nancy), the JRC Ladder Easel conversion kit:

What about Fancy Pants?

I think that image was from a post on national. I made one of those and use it for storms. Works very good, it saves a TON of time. Never really tried it for screens though because I dont clean mine with a scrubber. I use either a RV WFP or a handheld wfp brush like this one

Works pretty good.

we just line em all all up against the garage door and go down the line. Rinse em with the hose. Scrub em and rinse again and youre done. Tap em on the ground to get off excess water.

Sorry it took so long, Doug.

LOL, awesome. I use a fold out table to wash, then rinse w/ a sprayer on the hose. I dry them on concrete standing up. Or a rock( I work in the mountains sometimes) if that’s closer.
They come out perfect most of the time, but i do towel dry every now and again.
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