Screen Cleaning Tips

My method for cleaning is pretty simple…

Wet the screen at station, scrub it with the same scrubber i use for the windows (both sides and frame), rinse of with higher pressure and let dry or if Im in a hurry towel dry.

I just finished a job with about 12 screens and they were dirtier than most. Once everything was completely dry I could see dirt streaks and splotches! Usually this is only a problem for me with EXTRA dirty screens. What do you guys do?

I use screen magic. If the screen is really dirty I presoak it, towel dry it and then apply screen magic. Only had a few jobs where it didn’t seem to be magic

By chance are you the powerhouse out of Wo-ville WA that lives 2 blocks from me? : )

Screen Magic screen cleaner. Available at the WCR Store.

Ha no im way out in arizona… I gotta say i’m a little surprised the first two replies were “I use screen magic.” I’ve gotten two sample bottles from wcr and I thought meh its ok. Im assuming it’d be much better purchased in a larger size and used with an ace handheld sprayer or something because everytime I’ve used it it doesn’t cover evenly and I have brand new looking spots that make the rest just look like garbage. Plus, isn’t it basically expensive tire shine?

I tried it without the ace sprayer and it was not effective. Gave it another go around with better sprayer and got the results I wanted.

For the screen cleaning I always use a dish washing liquid, ammonia borax and water. This gives the ultimate results to my windows screen.

nyc document drying

We use really soft bristle brushes instead of a window mop, I think we get better results

Ive tried plenty of methods, but honestly pressure washing them is the quickest and most effective.

Do you carry a p/w all the time? Electric or gas?

I don’t, but I’ve had a lot of p/w jobs lately so it’s been on the truck for a few weeks straight, and it makes cleaning screens such a breeze. Considering purchasing a smaller and more mobile one to keep in the truck. Gas p/w.

Me too. I tow a small trailer with p/w on it but don’t use it every day. I small low powered on would be a great idea. That way I could carry it all the time and leave to big one for regular p/w jobs.

I had used a small Craftsman gas p/w in the past while working in Colorado looked something like this one
Pressure Storm 1300psi 2.5GPM Pressure Washer- Lifan-Lawn & Garden-Pressure Washers-Gas Pressure Washers

We kept it is a 4 gallon milk crate so it would not bounce around to much, we original were using little electric units like Karcher but they would only last a short while 1-2 units per year, the gas model should get you several years of usage.

I carry one of those Karcher 1000 psi electrics on my trailer, but I don’t use it for screens. You should see what the hot Florida sun does to screens and plastic frame corners.

We have the same brittle corners out here, but the pw honestly doesn’t harm the screens at all in my experience. It cleans them up great, frame and all. Just want to grab a smaller mobile unit with enough power to do the job well. Ive never had anything clean screens better, not even close.

has pressure washing them ever ripped the screen out ? or do u put a low pressure tip in?

There are alot of different methods. I focus on going the cheapest route with the best results. I dont buy screen cleaner sorry

I replaced some screens for a customer who ripped up his screens with a pressure washer. First, the screens were very brittle and sun damaged before he sprayed them.
Second, it looks like he sprayed too close to the screens and maybe with the wrong tip.

I have cleaned many screens with no issues as long as the material is in good shape b

“A basic cleaning of the screens is included with all jobs”

Basic cleaning = dry, flagged brush on the in and out and frames. Deep cleanings (strip washer and soap) are extra, and nobody ever gets them.

Does screen magic work on the metal screens, or is it only intended for the fiberglass ones?

Fiberglass material has the best results!