Screen Cleaning with Formula 90

I am going to start using formula 90 to clean my screens, you window cleaners out there who use formula 90 could you tell me the mixture ratio that is used? I have heard good things about formula 90 and screen cleaning.
Thanks Guys:cool:

Tide with bleach seems to be the product of choice on here

You mean Tide with Bleach Alternative don’t ya?:slight_smile:

I was using Formula 90 last year. It’s pretty concentrated, so in a 5 gallon bucket I was only using 1/2oz to 1oz if I remember correctly:confused:. I was using the liquid version not the powder.

This year I switched to Tide with Bleach Alternative (thanks Lance). It works just as well (for me) I think and has a pleasant smell to it.

If your using the powdered version of the 90 i’d say depending on how filthy the screens are will dictate amount. Usually 2 scoops for moderately dirty and 3 scoops for nasty,dirty screens.

Throw it in a bucket blast it with water and get busy;) Scrub both sides & rinse with a garden hose. Tide w/ Bleach alternative is good i find it works good in a pinch for both preferably “Solar Screens”.

Of course you want to mix accordingly with it as well. The liquid’s you can usually always use less because its more concentrated.

In case it was overlooked, I will bring it up again, check your local janitorial supply for a “bucket heater”. It will cost about $40. to $50. Allow it to heat up your water, and you will be AMAZED at the difference in cleaning!
By the way Seth, your welcome… glad its working out for ya…:cool:

So Mr. Lance,
Just another new kid on the block tryin’ to do it right. About these screens…Do you say spray em’ and rinse, or brush em and rinse ?[towel dry]


I use the powdered form 90 as well. I’ve had good results with one scoop per 3 gallons of warm water.

Right now, I’m just using the tide with bleach atl.

I dont rinse them at all BEFORE applying the soap! That would only dilute the soap.
If you mean “Prespray apply vs.Brush” Always brush= Agitate, (part of the cleaning pie) Then rinse. Then set them somewhere to dry.

Scrub with washing wand, knock it out, spray with hose, knock it out and wipe with towel on the frame. This is the method I am now using, its very fast and easy on the arms.

I haven’t tried the tide with bleach with alternative but I might just consider it. Have never used the 90 either.

In fact I have always used dawn ultra on the screens. Never had a customer complain.

I think it is safe for me to assume that your customers have never had their screens cleaned by another window washer who used Tide or Formula 90. If they had they would notice the difference and complain. :wink:

Give it a try brother, you’ll become a believer too!

If you you don’t like it you can always throw it in your laundry machine.