SCreen enclosure gutter clean question

So, how would you clean this stretch of gutter? For a pool enclosure it has screen on either side of the gutter for about 15 feet. Lay a couple planks across supports and crawl out? Pole with some sort of scoop attachment and pull towards the end? The rest of it can be reached from the roof, just one section a little precarious.

Here’s my plan. I bought an Unger Pro 2 in 1 Soft Brush With Squeegee. It is a lot more sturdy than Ungers Gutter Scrapper attachment that they no longer make for quite some time. I cut it down from 10" to 4" and will attach it to my 16 foot extension pole. I can then stand on the ladder at the end of the gutter and pull-scrape the debris towards me to make it accessible to remove from one position instead of setting up a scaffold system to lay across the top of the screened pool cage; or remove screen then ladder below only to have to replace screen again. I’ll let ya’ll know tomorrow how well it works.

The ‘stand on one end and either push/pull’ is my first choice.
I have 24’ Garalicks that I use sometimes.
I’ll also pull up the air hose from WFP setup and snake it down the length of the gutter.
To break it up and loosen up.
They create a nice pressure.

I prefer to push, rather than pull.
Because if things get clogged, I use a non Euro thread angle adapter at (I’m guessing 240º) to dig in, and let the flowing water built up loosen things a bit.

Working with the pitch of the gutter…

I’m hoping the downspout is on one of the ends you can reach?

  • that makes life a lot easier. Once you can get that cleared.

From there it’s just muscle work guiding the debris to the end.

I guess I liken it to “a dam breaking.”

"…'m hoping the downspout is on one of the ends you can reach?

  • that makes life a lot easier. Once you can get that cleared."

Yes, I would be pulling it to the downspout towards me. The rest I can reach from sitting on the roof. Just needed a sturdy scraper of sorts to pull the debris 15/16 feet. The one Unger used to sell got many bad reviews about breakage, and they quit making it a long time ago. Surprised they wouldn’t think to make it super sturdy. If this works well I may suggest a manufactured model version to them. lol

Do you have a second guy flowing water towards you, the downspout,as you pull?

No, not a big job really. I hire a friend as a temp for bigger jobs.

This worked well. I cut the 2 in 1 to 4 inches, should have cut it to 3 inches since it was a bit of a snug fit, so I’ll trim it and be ready next time.
The front downspout was clogged and the screws holding the sections together were corroded so it was a chore to take apart to clear the clog. This is why I have a standard per foot charge to clean out gutters - it mostly covers unknowns. Sometimes you’re the pigeon and sometimes you’re the statue.

Looking at the “after” work, I ‘facepamled’ myself.
I didn’t think about where you are (located.)

Those are vinyl, straight shot gutters.

  • and that’s probably why my advise didn’t make much sense, on your end.

We have

every 2 ft that get in the way…

The gutter at the pool enclosure is Super Gutter, no spikes through, they are supported either by screwing into facia, or support poles underneath. The other gutters on the back have half circle supports under a half circle gutter. The ones on the front were standard with through spikes every two feet.

You could buy a zipper flap. These are a section of screen with a marine grade zipper sewn In the screen in the shape of a rainbow all you have to do is install it the same as a piece of screen . This way when you un zip the zipper the flap opens automatically. Now you can reach through to clean your gutter. Visit for the new patent pending Zipper Flap.

Ah, looks like a good idea, if the zipper holds up to the elements. Nobody maintains their stuff, just call someone to come clean it after several months or years of neglect.
I see some folks have had hinged doors built into their enclosures to access those hard to reach areas.

These are high quality marine grade zippers sewn with lifetime thread. They will hold up as long as the screen with proper maintenance. They need a little oil twice a year or spend a little extra get the nickel plated brass they don’t corrode.

Thats cool - I could use one of those zipper flaps on my sliding door screen so I can open it to let my dogs come and go outside :wink:

Our standard sizes are 5’ -5’6" on a 7’x7’ Phifer screen 6’-6’6" on 8’x8’ Phifer screen. We can custom make any size and we don’t charge extra for them. All we need to know is the beam to beam height and width of screen needed and we can make the zipper 4"
less than the width of beam to beam dimensions . So if the screen is 4ft 8 inches wide we would make the zipper 4ft 4 inches wide. How tall is your dog. Vertical zippers are 14" high overhead zippers are 17"high. If you need it higher just let us know.

38" Tall - Big Dobermans - Ill have to check there width when I get home.