Screen Magic Monday #3


[LEFT]Post up that picture and win!

(US only) Sorry guys!
Good luck!

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This is just for fun (besides it’s a video)!

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This is as close as I got.

Do I get bonus points for having a screen being cleaned in the pic?:stuck_out_tongue:

The Flagship and the bidding/snowplow rig. Take your pick…:smiley:

I love the propane heater in the pic Seth. Does that help? How long do you get off a tank?

2 employees :slight_smile:

It helps. We only use it occasionally and it’s never left on for long periods of time, so a tank lasts a long time.


Wow, this week went by fast and I fergot all bout this one. Who won?:smiley:

Hey Matt, I saw All Clean Inc. website. I remember you telling me that he started operation down. I thought he was getting out of the business? Moving to Alaska or something.

U got mail.

Sorry these old ones don’t have the winner listed the the thread. Seth was our winner for this one.

Hes killin it with these freebees!! Someone stop him!! :stuck_out_tongue: