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[LEFT]If you’ve never tried Screen Magic before and would like to, make a post on why you would like to try it. Include what you’ve tried in the past and your experiences. A winner will be picked.

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I have never used this screen magic before.

What i normally do two things. one if there not that dirty i take a hand brush and just brush it right there before clean the window. during ladder ups also. two if there really dirty i take them to the driveway brush and hose them, and dry them. that sucks though. i always try to talk my self out of that one. to tell you the truth i don’t really know what this screen magic does. Does it like restore the vinyl?

Well, I havent tried Screen Magic either. Right now I use a seperate bucket, and a seperate scrubber(seperate from the window cleaning) use water and tide with Bleach altrernative…learned it right on this great forum!

I’m super interested in Screen Magic because( If it works) it would be a huge freakin time saver and also an upsell(Again, if it works like you guys says it does).
I clean screens a little differently house to house. If my bid was to high and I bring the price down, usually I brush them off w/ an ettore superbrush.
The majority of the time, however, the screens are cleaned with a combo of a little GG4, a lot of tide, and a drop of dawn. Then they are rinsed and set aside to dry or dryed with a clean terry(If we’re in a hurry or it’s cold). One person alone can spend an hour or two on some really dirty screens, thats why SM would be ideal for every window cleaner.

I saw Tim’s demo in Reno, and the results looked great, including the lack of residue. Thanks to Damian for asking a crowd question about any possible hydrophobic characteristic of the glass beneath a treated screen – no issue.

Imagine the dirt is like someone’s brain, and the SM is like a herd of zombies. The SM eats the dirt!

I would love to try Screen Magic.

I have tried everything from just brushing the dust off of screens to scrubbing with a strip washer to power washing them with house wash mix.

I haven’t been happy with any of them. It’s never a smooth, even clean.

If Screen Magic works in real life like on the demo video I’ll be using it on every clean.

never used it before.

Reasons why I want to try :

I was keeping track of the time consumed by screen cleaning using different methods, and I’d like to know how the results are before ordering a 5 gallon jug. If the results are what everyone is preaching I think is a no brainier if the cleaning can be done safely inside a house. When I have my wife working on the interiors she starts upstair and pulls the screens inside, but we have to take them outside, brush/wash, let dry and go in there to reinstall, which is time consuming therefore costing us money.

I don’t know how much time you can save on the actual cleaning, but just the fact you don’t have to take them out and bring them in is saving a lot already, and if on top of that you get a good cleaning, that the CUSTOMER would notice, then is not a lot to think about.

And if there’s no residue that can affect future cleanings using a WFP all I can say is where should I go to buy shares from Screen Magic :stuck_out_tongue:

Rum Bullion’s at the Silver Legacy. :smiley:

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I have wanted to try it, but with everything it is getting around to it.

I usually scrub with soap and water and rinse with less than good results, nothing works.

If I am choosen and it works as well as you say it does I will be your biggest fan and promoter of a product that works, saves time and makes me more money!


I have my easel, drop cloth, and scrim (for behind the screens).:wink:

I have never tried Screen Magic as I am a bit skeptical. I have read the thread on using it and see the benefit if it works but as last I am unsure of it. I wanna try it to see how well it really works.

In the past I have done the brushing of screens as well as the scrubbing with a scrubber and hose action. If there is really something I can spray and walk away then bring it on. Otherwise leave me to be. So please prove to me it works and I will sing your praises!!!

It does work. I did a Weather or Not on it. I mention a limitation in our area that SM would not be able to work on. I also tell how I plan on using it in my biz. Here’s a few pics of the screen I did. Keep in mind I didn’t brush the screen or scrub it after applying. Also the screen hadn’t been cleaned EVER (well at least in the last 10 years). It was nasty.

Congrats Sqeegee Pros! You win and will get to try out some screen magic!

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A big thank you to Tim from Screen Magic for being a fantastic generous sponsor!

Tony - which episode is that in?

I would recommend you get the one gallon. It’s $65 and you still get the free sprayer like you would if you got the 5 gallons.

Be very careful using Screen Magic in the house. Let me give you an example. Screen Magic is designed to make screens look like new. If your working inside and you get over-spray on the carpet or furniture it will make the fibers that is comes in contact with look like new. Which means you will then have to treat the whole item to make it all look the same. So If you going to work inside, and I’m not saying that you shouldn’t, I just want to make you aware of what your working with so you don’t have a problem with a customer. Myself, I would just use a big tarp and lay the screens on the floor instead of leaning them up and down like I usually do. that should eliminate most all potenial of over-spray going on other things. I think you will find Screen Magic to be a real time saver especially on two story houses.

I think everyone knows how I feel about SM. It rocks my socks off. It makes me a ton of money. It allows me to put out a cleaner screen than anyone else has been able to do. It used to take me 4 times the amount of labor and even then I couldn’t say it had “dust inhibitors” to help keep them cleaner longer.

That said… I wouldn’t use it inside. I’d actually recommend that you don’t, either. The thing is, going outside to use the stuff is a small price to pay for what kind of harm you could do. I have gotten it on concrete without any serious consequences (but I still avoid it) but I know that any overspray leaves a slickness behind and the mist is pretty tough to guarantee that it would go where you want it to go. Just my word of caution.

As far as Seth’s experience (which we discussed in Reno) I would say that had he followed up the spray with a wipe-down of the frames and the screen with a high-pile microfiber-technology-laden-cloth (just something I picked up from the indoor wfp dude at the show) he would be a little more enamored with the stuff. Just my thoughts. Oh, and no spray bottles. Gotta have the pump up one. Total must.