Screen magic?

lots of old threads, considering it for screen rooms not regular window screens. any long time users with input?

I’ve noticed we sell most of it to very specific areas of the US. People seem to love it or hate it. The fact that it can make windows hydrophilic is a turn-off for a lot of the WFP guys.

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For screen rooms it’ll work. For regular windows, you’ll hate how hydrophilic the windows get.

It also depends on your area - if you have a lot of dust storms, it will attract dust.

All that has been said it true. I have used screen magic and a knock brand and found that the windows are hydrophobic and as @JaredAI said dust is a beast. Las Vegas is a very windy and dry town and the windows behind screens that had screen magic/other stuff are WAYWAYWAY> dustier than those with no treatment. I up sale the stuff because the screens look amazing but use a towel to wipe before touching that glass with my mop, keep the mop as clean as possible or the hydrophobic solutions seems to spread to other glass.