Screen making and repairing supplies

Hey guys - wondering if anyone has referrals for a place to order screen making and repairing materials. Not solar screens just regular window screens. Screen, frame, spline, etc. i just need a better deal than big box store.


Also, and tips and tricks of the trade for larger screens if we want to delve into it (what, are you busy!? Got other things to do?! Yeah right!)


Never cared much for screen repair and I really don’t tell customers about it anymore unless they ask, but I’ve always purchased mine at Menards. You can buy a 100’ roll for $56.

I use a company called Metro Screenworks. They seem to have about everything and have been good to work with.

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Call around to some of the screen shops. They usually have good prices.

Several years ago, I was able to pick up (I live in the Denver area) a screen jig from them to prevent frame bowing. They have a great selection of materials.

What screen jig are you talking about. Definitely interested in finding one. Can I find it on Google?

Circle Glass out of Detroit. They specialize in everything window related, every part imaginable.

I will say however that Pfifer screen has gone downhill in quality despite making numerous calls directly to the company. I now use ADFORS, aka NY Wire.

We have a guy here that drives around in a wrapped Ford Transit and that’s all he does is fix window screens and screened in porches, but he doesn’t wash houses or clean windows so he’s worth referring out. I forget what it’s called, but I think it’s a franchise. Might not be a bad idea to see if you have a similar company near you and make friends.