Screen repair question

I’m want to start doing screen repair this winter. I’m thinking about targeting a development that has the metal anderson screens because they are all oxidizing and turning that blueish color. I’ve never done screen repair before. I’ve been reading all the posts and I have a couple questions.

What is a good starting materials/tools list?
Do ALL anderson metal screens have the metal spline?
If I had to rebuild some frames would I have to get all anderson parts/frame or is it acceptable to use universal stuff?

Any help would be appreciated. I’m just having a hard time knowing what to start out with. Thanks in advance.

Anderson metal mesh screens with the coat tail flap at the bottom and the two lever clips would be the most difficult rebuilds in the industry. I have only seen the plastic corners as replacement parts available. A customer can order the entire screen factory re-built and shipped direct from Anderson.

I would skip Anderson rebuilds.

The screens with the metal splines can be done, I’ve written a detailed explanation about removing and replacing them in another thread. You can also replace the metal spline with a regular type but it is one of the bigger sizes, not the standard ones found at lowes/home depot.

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In the 2 decades I spent as a glazer I have done thousands of the Anderson screens. There is a trick to the metal splines. I use a plastic windshield tool to remove the metal spline. If not removed correctly you WILL end up with the spline looking something like a Hardee’s crispy curl. Do not try to fix the screen till you learn how. Look it up on you tube. I do not recommend using rubber spline in these screens it will push out to easily but it does work. Metal is the way to go. As far as a rebuild there are a couple different screens Anderson made. If it has plastic corners forget it. The corners are like 16 bucks a piece if I remember correctly. Anderson makes good Window but they are very costly. I highly recommend Anderson windows over Pella and Marvin In New Homes.

As far as rescreening the andersen screens goes, does anyone know of a screen material comparable to their TruScene fine stainless mesh screen? They’re charging $150 for a single screen with that mesh on it. It seems like you could make some good money if you offered something like that.

If you replace the aluminum screen with fiberglass will the metal spline that you took out still work?

You can buy stainless screen. I don’t like to work with it. I suppose you might get the fiberglass to work. Never tried it myself. I always use aluminum in the Anderson screens.