Screen repair supplier?

For those of you who do screen repair. Who do you order your supplies from? or Lowes or HD seemes to always have better prices on rolls of screen though.

Home Depo or Lowes.

I have no problem buying from hd or lowes, I honestly prefer to pick up supplies in person. But they only have the basics. They only have one size frame, they don’t sell knife latches, they only have one type of corner, etc…

I would like to find one supplier that I could get it all from.

R Lang Company, Circle Glass and CR Laurence all of which have the smaller parts you mentioned. Circle Glass and CR Laurence have online websites you can order from once you have an account setup.

Wow, the prices from the places listed are ridiculous. I use CRL and am happy with the products. There are a few things I’m not a fan of, but overall great quality and prices.

Screen wire from Home Depot / Lowes is the cheapest junk I’ve ever used. Even their 5/16 screen frame, which is all they carry, feels less than standard gauge. Prices are obviously high as well. I believe for a standard roll of 36" x 25’ at the big box stores runs $15. CRL runs about $40 for a 100’ roll, and the quality is a lot better to boot.

CRL here… Pretty decent stuff

CR Laurence is pretty good for screen wire but I have found that some of their small metal parts are cheaply made. Parts like knife latches and storm screen clips are so cheap you can easily bend thwm with your fingers. Their screen frame is so/so. Although you can get screen frame in different sizes from 1/4" up to 7/16" the issue I have is the gauge (wall thickness) is thinner than most of the screens I’m replacing. Not bad for smaller screen builds but teetering on questionable for larger screens. Luckily I also have 2 other screen parts suppliers close by to comparison shop price and quality.

Mark, try their extruded aluminum frame… I believe the standard roll frame is .20, and extruded is .24

Oh, I forgot to mention that I recently tried heir extruded and it is pretty good. Good point!