Screens broke, it's not your fault

How do you handle emails like this? I have serviced her home 5 times and never bent her screens.

She has made her decision, she doesn’t want your services anymore. Regardless of her reason.

Let her go, move on.


Not much you can go about it. She isn’t asking you to PAY for new screens, so it may be a loss of customer but at least you don’t have to replace all of the screens that are “bent”.

Unless she is asking you to pay for “damages”…put her in the junk pile and go forward. This customer is not a good fit for your business it seems-- She may have just been looking for a reason to cancel you. It has happened


I was doing her house for peanuts because it literally takes no time at all and then I realized with drive time I under bid so works out for me.


Unless she is a certified nut (in which case, shame on you for working for her so many times) I would reach out to her just to see if I can make peace. Beyond business, that’s just being a good person. Perhaps you did something and are not aware of it. Try to smooth things over. It can’t hurt.

I do NOT like being accused of something I didnt do.
And lets be honest, we are all probably, pretty much smarter than our customers, right?

So go there and see what’s what.
Take the time to show your process didnt cause any issues, and better yet… smack them upside the head with the truth that they are fragile little people, floating thru life.

  • and will continually need sensible people, like yourself to keep their little spray paint can ticking brains in check. lol

** coddle, and pet the head of the simpleton **

That being said…
If you have done the job 6 times, and failed to notice/forewarn them that their screens were jacked up…

Thats on you


Generally if something happens I notify the customer immediately. This house I guess I assumed there is no way every screen can be crap and she doesn’t know. It seems like it would be like a mechanic changing someones oil and going hey did you know you have a 3 foot crack on the window lol of course I do. Well perhaps it’s best to point out the obvious.

I offer screen repair with my window cleaning service. When I notice issues with customers screens I alert them for two reasons 1) I do screen repairs, 2) I don’t want to be blamed for issues with the screens.


Always point out everything or one day you’ll be blamed for it. It’s the shitty part of this business.
Quick story : a customer of mine called me up late fall for a window cleaning on a new house she bought that she fixed up. It was a firsts clean construction clean , when i was done cleaning a few windows I noticed scratches. I pointed them out right away . I showed exactly how I’m cleaning , an that it can’t possible be me.
No blade they just were all very dusty , an dirty, she called the builder right on the spot.
I was waiting for him to try an pass blame on to me , but that never happened
So now I’m cleaning the brand new screens an two of them were ripped … I just couldn’t t bring myself to tell her. It was killing me not to , but I felt so bad about the scratches , now I jace to show her the screens were ripped.
I just felt like she was going to blame me,
So I just put them back , an when I go back next time I’ll point them out :scream:
I’ll even take blame , an get them fixed. That I don’t care about I just didn’t want to add more wood to the fire that day, an then maybe fingers would of got pointed at me. So I left it be. It wasn’t obvious it was by the frame .


Thats what I do too. If its someone working for me, thats on the punch list to do.
Walk the job, point out bent or damaged screens-and if they are, I also tell them we don’t clean them because its likely we will damage them further. Never had an issue with it.


Just had all of mine done in my home they were $16 ea. for new window screens at the Glass Shop. 2 were bent, all were brittle at the corners, all are 20+yrs old… So it was time .

That price is crazy cheap! I’d stay with them forever!!

By “done for $16 each” do you mean rescreened on old frames or complete rebuilds?

Sorry I’ve been at work… its for the whole screen… I took a spare out the window & left it with the Glass shop as 98% of my windows are the same size… They go by size… After about 2 days they fixed me right up. They actually made this 1 too many & told them I only ordered 13 screens , They said oh well you can have this 1 for free… So check with your local Glass shop to see if they offer this service…this one did. These are the exact replicas, maybe that’s why they are so cheap they are not the heavy duty ones (maybe a little more expensive maybe not i dont know) but they were exactly what I left…

Frame & screen mine were brittle & paint coming off a few. To answer your question sorry.