Screens II

I’ve been washing screens using my scrubber and my WC solution only.
Not happy with the results at all, they look better but better isn’t cutting it for me. I’m gonna order some formula 90 to see if it works good for me as you guys mentioned here before.

My question is : can I wash using same method, let dry and apply something like Armor All, or something of that nature ? Products to clean the dash of your car can work ? I use Meguiar’s products to clean my car and they’re really top notch quality, I was thinking using their carwash soap, which smells awesome, and some sort vinyl/rubber cleaner that they have, one delivers a shiny finish and the other one I use a matte one.

Would like to know what to do/try while wait to make an order of WC supplies to include Formula 90 in it.


PS: Check I’m working on it, really early stages, homepage is the only one working as of today. Let me know what you think about it.

Am I having Deja Vu??:confused:

you need a better template, i would not hire your company if you had that template.

Why (I ask so that you can provide enough information to actually help Carlos)?

P.S. Carlos: See my response at the other topic string.

lol Larry, good one there.
New methodology … “cross-post questions” or something like that :slight_smile: j/k

I use the formula 90 powder with a blue car wash brush from the h.d. I am happy with the results, especially when I use hot water. I think that is a huge factor.

I am going to experiment using oxyclean here in the near future. I have recently fallen in love with that product and haven’t stopped using it since I discovered it a few days ago.

I even spot cleaned much of my carpet with oxyclean and it came out good

The chemistry behind this product is sound. In short, it oxidizes the substrate.


It WILL bleach anything it touches under certain circumstances. Had a previous home owner put another chemical down for cleaning that has another oxidizer in it (such as resolve) your carpet will turn white.

The word “bleach” means to remove color. Oxidizing does the same. so, in short, you risk bleaching your carpets if this method is followed. You got lucky.

Good heads up info there Phil. I never would have thought about the combination. Does the amount of time in between the application of the 2 have any effect on whether it bleaches the carpet?

No. Time does not allow the chemicals to un-do themselves.

However, if in the meanwhile a true professional CC’er has worked on the carpets, the chemical is often rinsed out.

But never count on that.

The chemical mentioned above is a sodium and, as such, leaves a salt behind. The oxygen has been released within 20 minutes or so. BUT…the bleaching part may take days. Or, until the color is rinsed.

We are told time and again the importance of NOT doing tail-gate chemistry. yet, we seem all too often to forget it applies to home chemistry (cleaners) as well.

Try taking a pee in your toilette the pour some bleach in. You’ll pass out if there are no vents. Might pass out anyway.

Who’d a thunk using bleach for a toilette is dangerous?

I like winsol’s screen cleaner and sealer. If they are really bad I wash them with window solution first. My biggest hint would be to dry them with microfiber towels and don’t be afraid to use as many towels as you need.

I let the sun dry them while I clean the exterior glass.

I use formula 90 and like the way it cleans the screens, the best product I have used so far. I wondering what you guys charge for a deep cleaning of the screens, when I do a job and all that the screens require is a brushing of both sides I charge $1.00 per screen, if the screens need a deep cleaning i’ve been charging $2.00. Is that enough ? it does require a fair amount time to deep clean screens

What does $2.00 per screen equate to in an hourly wage for you?

For example, 15 screens take 30 minutes to deep clean. 15 X $2.00 = $30.00. $30.00 / 30 minutes = $60.00 per hour. Is that “enough” for you?

I’ve been using Tide bleach alternative and it works great with newer sunscreens. Old and very dirty sunscreens need to be washed twice, I’m looking into buying a small pressure washer , the pressure in the hose it’s just not enough for those hard to clean sunscreens. I charge 2.50 per screen to wash and a 1 to dust.

This spring I think I’ll be trying the combo of Tide w/ Bleach alternative and my remaining supply of Formula 90. Maybe try a few different mixes.

I now charge $4.00 per piece, to restore the screens, for all screens!
You have to remember what it is you are now able to offer your clients…
I suppose I would charge them $2.00 for a 1/2 ass’ed clean screen, but I’m not. :smiley:
BTW, go with the Tide w/ bleach alternative, forget the Formula 90, I didn’t offer that advice for no reason.

[COLOR=black][FONT=Verdana]Thanks Lance:[/FONT][/COLOR]
[COLOR=black][FONT=Verdana]I have been using Tide with Bleach Alternative and love it. I used to use my window cleaning solution. I like the fact that tide is available at the grocery store, very convenient. The Formula 90 needs to be purchased from a carpet cleaning supplies company. A pain in the neck in my opinion unless the results are significantly better. So now I know not to bother.[/FONT][/COLOR]

How much Tide do you like to use per gallon?

Oh yeah I forgot!:wink:

I’ve been using ~1oz per gallon.

Every area of the country is different, because of water quality… but I would start with what Larry suggested as a starting point and increase till you find what works for you. I would recommend more soap if it looks like they are going to require a 2nd “going over”, after all they going to get rinsed anyway.

The point I was trying to make in my earlier post regarding price is: anyone that has been doing this a while, understands what we as window cleaners went thru, with NOTHING at our disposal to “properly” get screens even somewhat “clean”. Thus I have absolutely no problem in asking for $4.00 per piece of screen. I know my clients don’t either once they see the value, and appearance of their “new” looking screens!

Another selling point, is, they won’t “need” to be washed after every cleaning. at best a dry brush only, for the next few cleanings.