Screens II

Sorry that I’m about to double post this but Since that there’s not a lot of traffic “down there” at the SCREENS sub-forum :slight_smile:
I’ve been washing screens using my scrubber and my WC solution only.
Not happy with the results at all, they look better but better isn’t cutting it for me. I’m gonna order some formula 90 to see if it works good for me as you guys mentioned here before.

My question is : can I wash using same method, let dry and apply something like Armor All, or something of that nature ? Products to clean the dash of your car can work ? I use Meguiar’s products to clean my car and they’re really top notch quality, I was thinking using their carwash soap, which smells awesome, and some sort vinyl/rubber cleaner that they have, one delivers a shiny finish and the other one I use a matte one.

Would like to know what to do/try while wait to make an order of WC supplies to include Formula 90 in it.


PS: Check I’m working on it, really early stages, homepage is the only one working as of today. Let me know what you think about it.[/I]

I use Tide with Bleach Alternative. I used to use my W/C ing solution, and scrubber. I think Craig (Sparkle) mentioned that he uses the Tide w/ beach Alt. So I tried it and the resilts were alot better.

Thanks BC, that’s actually what I use to wash my microfiber towels :slight_smile:
Would you mind asking for you ratio soap/water? Not rocket science but is worth asking since you’re already using it

thanks again

Chris / Alex :

I’ve started thread #100 under Residential … no prize for customer #100 ? :smiley:

I’ve used Formula 90 w/ great results and am now using tide w/ bleach alternative w/ the same great results. I mix it in and apply it w/ a pump up sprayer. Then I scrub w/ a screen brush. Finally I rinse w/ a garden hose. Quick and sic!:cool:

I have a customer tomorrow, I’ll try that, but since nobody chimed in about ratios seems like I’m gonna have to try and adjust as needed.

Sleep tight you guys

I use Tide with Bleach Alternative – 1 ounce per 3 gallons, applied with either strip washer or nylon or hog hair brush (and heavy duty sponge for grody frames). It works better than my previous method of standard solution.

I wouldn’t add Armour All - it will attract dirt and possibly get residue on the glass.

Carlos- how much do you charge for screen cleaning? It had better be good for the time and cost associated with it.

I use the “scubber and solution” method and I have not had a problem, ever. Are the screens mint? no… I am there to clean the windows so unless I am getting paid close to what I am making for the windows, why waste so much time on screens.

It can take as long to do screens as it is to do the windows… depending on the technique. So at $2 a screen or whatever I am [U]losing[/U] money.

I have never had a complaint and I retain most of my customers.

Sometimes it is a personal thing, but in business economics are king.



Alex: That’s not funny :smiley: BTW I received the WCR Shirt you sent me, thanks a lot ! now I just have to eat twice my weight in junk food and I’ll fit nicely :slight_smile:
I’ll be sending you one of my shirts soon.

Larry : Thanks for the formula and for not asking a question :slight_smile:

CFP: I’m in between things right now with this screens issue. Used to charge $2/piece, not everybody wanted that done (paying). Now I’m considering add that amount to my per window charge and tell them that it’s included, some sort of “deluxe package” or another Kevin’s concoction.
Thing is I’m really in the early stages as a business owner, bought this company which is getting into it’s 6th year of operations and got bunch of customers, but when it comes to new ones you can tell at first sight what kind of people they are and if they’re gonna bite or not, and instead of lowering my overall pricing, which I rarely do, throw something in there, more value for your money and blah blah and you got yourself another customer to show how good your company is and generate referrals. I’d rather clean a few screens for nothing than having to design a new flyer and distribute it, which I also do, but you get me point. Those 10/20/30+ bucks that you lost/didn’t earn counts toward marketings. But don’t pay a lot of attention to my right now, my head is a mess and have not decided yet what to do, gonna work my a** off until the end of the year and make some re-organization for 2009.

Why I always write so much ? I’ll buy a “phrase-compactor” :smiley:

You’re welcome.

Someday, perhaps, you’ll learn the value of a question.

Agree. I don’t go super crazy on screens. I use a RV cleaning brush (It’s a cheapo WFP). Works great. Then I wipe the edges with a rag. Any stuck on crap gets the once over. If it wont come off after a few tries then I move on to the next one. Never had a problem from a customer and the WFP makes cleaning them fast. I can go through 20 screens in about 30 minutes. When I am using my RO/DI hit them with that and it also works well. In fact the ro/di works better then anything I have tried.

Sometimes I will use a handheld one.

Sorry I didn’t respond, it wasn’t intentional, some how I missed it. But Larry answered your question and my method and ratio is just about the same as his.

BC, not a problem buddy, thanks to take the time anyway :slight_smile:

it’s just me or the only available Tide with bleach alternative I can find is liquid ?
is there any powder version of it ?

I purchase the liquid at Costco.

I have never seen a powder, I use liquid

OK, that’s what I needed to stop my search for powder Tide …

minus the sarcasm that usually comes along with it then maybe.

How’s Little B?

Both liquid and powder should be available at your local Costco. I purchased the the powder thinking it will be less messy and easier storage. I only intend on using this method for full solar screens.