Screens-To Float or Not to Float

Some very successful companies think nothing of floating screens out the window and others would never do it. What is your mode of operation? :smiley:

This may be a dumb question but what is floating screens?

You beat me to it Scott.


spin them out the window like a helicopter

I would never do it here. The sun and dry climate is very bad for screens here. The plastic corners get so dry you can look at them the wrong way and they break. Most people don’t even think about cleaning or restoring screens here. It’s more of hang them for a few years and replace them. It’s got so bad that I am thinking of doing Re-screening as an add on.

Yeah there’s no floating in New Mexico, even first story drops are risky, gently lay it on the ground. I have one of those big ?butterfly? paper holders like secretaries use to hold 40 papers together tied to thin webbing (or dyneema), that way I can either wash the screen on the window, then dust and hang it on the ladder until I’m finished washing, or if nasty hold it until I’m done washing and walk it down the ladder to clean.

After learning to fix a screen door, I keep the tools and materials in the van, just in case, more than anything the knowledge has come in handy for putting those little black tabs back into the frames! But I think it does make a great add-on.

How would you feel as a customer seeing your screens falling from your second story windows. The only time I float is on accident.
I use a piece of string and a vice clamp attached to my ladder. It hold the screen for you while you work.

I just set up a bench in my shop for when I repair blinds and on two sides I have brackets to hold the frames. I used to use it alot for repairing screens but stopped when inventory became to much to store. Now I think I will only carry a couple size frame and maybe one two types of screen. I don’t like rescreening old frames just cause they too get nasty. These days most screen are one type frame and screen so that will make it even easier.


I don’t float (dropping the screen out of the window to the ground) screens because any damage is my fault.

Is this for real, there are people that drop the screen out of the window on purpose?

I know a few in my area. I’ve seen them do it.


That was my reaction!:eek:

I didn’t know know people did that till now. Shocking!

I’m on the same page Josh. What if we were the people who spent 2 shiny coins on all those windows. Plain and simple, it’s not our property.

[COLOR=black][FONT=Verdana]Yes Mike we do. I am questioning the practice in my mind do to some feed back I got on this forum recently. I float them occasionally when the landing pad is very safe, not all the time. I wear booties, use drop cloths, and conduct myself in a very professional manner. But is screen floating ruining my efforts? May I add I have never damaged a screen.[/FONT][/COLOR]

[COLOR=black][FONT=Verdana]The practice is used to save time and money. I asked for the poll because I think the practice is wide spread. The vote is 10 to 7 now, in favor of non floaters. I am assuming that I save a lot of time with this practice.[/FONT][/COLOR]
[B][COLOR=black][FONT=Verdana]Am I saving much time?[/FONT][/COLOR][/B]

I have (or had) 2 clamps with a small cable (about 2 feet), linking them together, one clamp goes on the ladder, the other holds the screen. The only problem is that I lost it last fall, I’ll now have to get another set.

I have a ladder clip too. If the screens are not getting washed no problem.

However I wash almost every screen and I do it outside on the ground.

It doesn’t make sense to have clean windows and dirty screens.

I offer 2 kinds of screen cleaning

  1. basic cleaning - dry brush(hogs hair brush), comes with every window cleaning - I can clean those right there on the ladder if the sceen is not too big.
  2. deep cleaning - clean with tide w/ bleach alt. - cost extra, but the time going up and down the ladder is put into the cost for that.