Scrim Report

Used my scrim today and I am overjoyed at it’s performance! I am however going to cut it in half to make it a bit easier to use. I found it very absorbent and since it quickly dries in the slightest wind I didn’t need anything else. I did use a huck on each of the 5 jobs we did today for some deatailing of pole work as I found the scrim a bit to large for the pole. Of course once I cut it down that problem will be solved. I’ll let you know how it does on the big job tomorrow.

I believe Mr. Robinson stated that that would void the warranty.

Don’t do it Tony - the reason its larger will be to your benefit down the line. Trust me, stick with it this size & you will find it to your advantage in many more ways. Use your huck on the pole for now until you find the other ways of its over size advantages.

I must of missed something previously… what is a [B]scrim[/B]? :confused:

Sean - Scrim is Irish linen and in the UK they use it for detailing. It’s great if you can get some do.

Karl - I will not cut it.

Chris - Please carry scrim. I need a couple of more.

Everyone - I think it just takes getting used to using something bigger than a huck. I have noticed that it feels similar to my canvas tarp and at it’s size could be used as an impromtu tarp for small issues. If you can get some do.

Why is it better? more absorbant? Does someone have a photo? Why not cut them? What advantage is it if they are BIG?

I’ll take some pics Ed. My hucks tend to get wet well before they get dirty. The scrim is just as, if not more absorbant and a little thinner than my hucks so they dry out in very little wind or sun. Hope this helps.

That is what I like about chamois…but am open to the scrim…just as soon as Chris and the gang find em.

Just an update on the scrim - use to all day on the monster house I’m doing and it kept pace all day. I love this thing!! Big thank you to Karl for getting me this piece and as soon as Chris has some I’m ordering at elast 3 more so the wife can have some too! (She was complaining all day cause she didn’t have her own scrim. :D)