Scrim tips

Thought it might be cool to have a thread for suggestions and tips for the scrim use.

I bought a bag of ‘clips’. The alligator type clips found at Lowes or Home Depot.

I take one and use it to hang my scrim. Here’s how: I open the damp scrim and put the clamp in the middle, then turn the entire thing over so the clamp is on the bottom under the scrim, I open it and pinch a little material inside the clip/hang the clip onto one of the ribs on the inside of my camper shell. Now, the scrim is hanging inside my camper shell and off of the bed.

I keep a couple hanging there while one is in my tool belt.

I always have a drying tool now.

Scrims rock.

here’s a shot


Phil, I use a very small alligator clip to hold my chammy. I have a two squeegee (fabric) holster with a caribiner clip fastened to it. I clip the alligator clip onto the caribiner clip and use the alligator clip sort of like a clothes line pin to hold the chammy.

As far as the scrim goes, I use a steel ring (2.5 inches in diameter) fastened to a caribiner clip on my tool belt to loop my scrim through while not in use. I have the steel ring on the back of my workbelt. The steel ring holds the scrim firmly yet it can removed and replaced back into the ring very easily. I got the steel ring at my local farm supply store for about 2 bucks. I didn’t like the scrim hangin on the front of my belt where I’m constantly reaching for tools.

Way cool idea!

I do not like how it hangs there either (belt) so I am on that. Thanx!

Push automatic button to lower window. Hold scrim out window. Push automatic button to close window. Drive to next job. Open window - Scrim Dry.


What if one’s municipality has an anti-scrim ordinance still on the books?

I’m all geared up for detailing now! I got several scrims from Chris and Alex (thanks guys!) and have my chamois washed out several times to remove the oils. I’ll use the chamois as a pick up towel and detail w/ the scrim. I feel like this combo will be far more effective than using hucks as I have the past several winters. I always go thru more hucks in the cold than any other time of year so w/ the new combo I’m interested in seeing the reduction in my laundering time. Not to mention having to keep track of all those wet hucks that would be little blocks of ice at the end of the day.

I see an increase of scrimage myself in the cooler times. I say cooler…you guys would say warmer. :slight_smile:

I washed four scrims, one chamois and four hucks the other days. Oh…and my Batman panties, some socks and some jeans. One load.

I still have some micros for touch up…

Scrimdillyishicious. Scrimdealio. Scrimmadimmadingdong. Scrimdaddy.
scrimmackddayo. Scrimtimtom. ScrimJim. Scrimtastic. Scrimalocious.

I am a huge fan of scrim. Might make me some t shirts outta scrim, some jeans…maybe a skirt for when Larry comes out. He likes to blow smoke up folks skirts. Scrimskirt. :slight_smile:

putting a scrim on your shoulder gets things hot, when ever I tose a scrim on the shoulder my shoulder starts burning up…


it is scrimfoliating.


I wonder if a scrimclip would be a good idea?

Those clips being sold now to hang rags on your belt.

Might get me a couple of those clips - one for scrim and one for chamois.

If you’re talking about the JRC clips, they’re huge. They protrude out quite a bit. Bought two; tried 'em; shelved 'em.

I’ll prolly wrap them up real nice like and bring them to ATL.

P.S. Don’t tell Linda – it’s a surprise!

Those are the ones. Unless I come up w/ something my self.:wink:

Duct Tape a bulldog clip to your head.

Then shoot a video PULLEEEEEEEEZE!

(Come on Tony…i double dog dare ya)

I am laffin hard just thinkin bout it.


I can’t now that you have given away the surprise! :stuck_out_tongue: