Scrim tips

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Just an update. Did an in/out and 2 exterior cleans today. It was -10F when I started and warmed throughout the day. I used 1 scrim and my chamois as a sill/pick up cloth. The combo is excellent in this weather and I’m really looking forward to rocking the combo in the spring.

I don’t like the scrim to dry coz it leaves little bits all over the place i like it a bit damp then i use a yellow duster cloth to fins works a treat

“Bits” meaning lint?

Then it aint a real scrim.

Or, it was not laundered correctly.

Yes meaning lint lads !

Denbo, I agree, the scrim does sometimes leave lint on the glass. For me the scrim does fine detailing the edges but leaves lint if I try to detail around vinyl lettering or buff out any mistakes in the middle of the glass. I keep a microfiber cloth close by for detailing around lettering or correcting mistakes and only use the scrim for detailing edges.

As far as laundering goes I machine wash my scrim seperate from any other items with little to no soap. I hang them to air dry as opposed to machine drying.

Maybe I need to machine dry my scrim to rid it off excess lint.

I washed 5 scrim cloths earlier this evening and have had them air drying for a while. They are still a little damp so I used one to buff the middle area of my bathroom mirror and there was absolutely no lint left on the glass.

I’ll try this again in the morning when the scrim is completely dry. If there is no lint left on the mirror when the scrim is dry then I would think that the lint I’ve been seeing at times could just be accumulated dust/debris embedded in the scrim.

I imagine a scrim picks up a lot of minute debris from the frames when detailing the edges of window after window. Then you suddenly need to detail around lettering and transfer dust from the scrim onto the glass around the lettering. At least I’m hoping that this is what’s happening.

So maybe the answer is to use only a fresh or clean scrim for detailing anything in the middle of the glass.

I put them on a hot wash with very little powder & super fast spin. Always drip dry, you will pick up more lint & create a static in the cloth by machine drying.

Some wc’ers in the UK swear by using them semi dry/damp. Go ahead try it - you will see the smear magically dissapear. This is a property of scrim that makes it unique. Removing wet trails use the dry part, if you have a small smear use the semi-damp part.
Hey presto - no lint.

Thanks Karlos, those are the best scrim tips so far! I’ll use that info out in the field.

Just for the record, my 5 scrims drip dried completely overnight and did not leave lint when I buffed a spot in the middle of the glass this morning. So I’m leaning towards thinking that lint that I have seen after buffing glass with the scrim is from accumulated dust/debris embedded in the scrim as opposed to actual fibers of the scrim .

It sounds like your method of using a part of the scrim that is damp (for buffing out smears) works because the moisture in the scrim holds any foreign dust or debris in the scrim instead of transferring it onto the glass.

I may make it a point to keep a certain spot of the scrim slightly damp just for buffing out smears or around vinyl lettering.

You can make the scrim damp by passing it over your scrubber really lightly, just enough to take a smear out. Remember you can also use the end of your squeegee to scrim round the internal frame - this is a great time saver, it uses a clean piece of scrim when you keep the scrim held firmly in place double-folded.

Funnily enough many wc’ers in the UK will not wash their scrims for months on end - I think the belief is the dirt makes the cloth stiffer & the fibers will then remove more dirt without transferring it back. I’m not a fan of this as we get to clean both sides of the window instead of just the outside in Spain & the US - where all is revealed.

I have noticed a huge difference in washing scrim opposed to dragging it out. When you hang dry the scrim, double fold it & you will find a nice looking iron like crease that also aids in the double fold/1 finger wipe & looks great when you walk into that clients house. I feel that 10 scrims is a minimum amount to have on hand when working - they are great sill coths as well!

Perhaps WCR will start selling 10 packs for fans? Then at least you could have some in the wash whilst using the others.

Karlos, I was getting by with having only 2 scrims per day. Actually one was enough most days. But now I have 5.

Do you feel that 10 scrims is minimum amount to have because you also use your scrims for pick-up?

I’ve been using the synthetic chamois that Phil told us about for a pick-up towel and find that it’s the only pick-up towel I need for a complete day of work. I don’t use my scrims for pick-up so 1-3 of them should be enough for most any regular work day.

I still would rather have 10 scrims instead of 5 because I wouldn’t have to wash them as often. I would maybe wash 10 scrims once every 2 weeks instead of washing 5 scrims once a week. Hmmmmm…something to think about.

Yeah, I wash in bulk & on their own, so more is better. Once you get used to scrim, you will loose the chamois & use the scrim for everything. It really is an all-rounder, I use them as drop cloths as well. Although I do have dedicated 6 foot drop cloths, these are good for quick lay-downs.

That will be nice if it doesn’t cause me to go through more scrims per workday. If it does cause me to use more scrims per day then I’d just as soon use the chamois and one or two scrims.

But, the scrim is still new to me so I’ll listen to all advice that is offered.

I know i saw a post about needing to wash new scrims before they are ready for use, but i can’t find it (or i am being too lazy to diligently search)
Anyway, i just received in the mail today, my first scrim. Actually i got a 6 pack. I am anxious to start using them. Is it advised to wash them several times before using? I know this was discussed somewhere previously, but if someone would be so kind to give me a quick beginner lesson. It would be really appreciated.
Thanks to all who contribute here. This forum has a been a great source of info. and encouragement to me in the month that i have been around.