Scrim VS. Surgical huck

OK- SO I took your advise and bought the three pack of SCRIM… Thye just came in the mail. Do I need to do anything to them or just dive in and star using them?

Seem a little stiff? I am excited to try them, my fist reaction would be that they dont seem very absorbant?

Thanks for all of your help.

They need to be broken in before using them for detailing. Over the first few days just use them for a pick up towel, get them dirty and roughed up a little bit. Wash them 2 or 3 times in hot water and let them air dry. You’ll know when they are ready because they are very absorbant once broken in well.

You gotta wash them a couple times, they will be fine.

Go to the search on main page and put in the word scrim !! Read all the chatter on this deal !! Stan

Used my new SCRIM today… Boy have I been missing out all of these years!